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Flexo's Place in Packaging's Future

packagePRINTING's recent webinar, "21st Century Flexo: Conventional Printing’s Place in Packaging’s Future," focused on flexography's growing strength. A leading flexo expert and a representative from a company that has invested in the latest flexo technology provided insight into the recent developments in the technology.


Best Practices: The Importance of Ink Systems

It’s easy to take for granted that in any type of printing, ink will meet the substrate as it passes through the press and a printed product will come out on the other side. But, what often gets overlooked is the path the ink takes on its journey to and through the press and eventually, onto its intended surface. Ink systems, whether pumps, dispensers, tanks or formulations, are crucial elements that play a major role in print quality, efficiency, color accuracy and plant and product safety.

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VIDEO: Marco Boer on Why You Should Check Out the Digital Packaging Summit

The third annual Digital Packaging Summit will return to Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla., from Oct. 23-25, bringing converters and suppliers together to discuss how digital printing can impact their businesses. Marco Boer, VP of I.T. Strategies and a member of the Summit's advisory board, stopped the packagePRINTING's office to discuss the event.

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