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  • Gallus Details Strong 2014

    Since the financial and economic crisis, there has been a trend towards more short-notice demand for label and folding carton printing machinery. This helped the...

  • Lance Shumaker Named President of GIDUE North America

    Lance Shumaker GIDUE, an Italian manufacturer of printing and converting machines for the labels and packaging industry, announces the appointment of Lance Shumaker, as president of GIDUE...



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  • Total Production Maintenance

    Total Production Maintenance To stay competitive, printers must maximize all the components of the graphic arts processes, from prepress to shipping. The TPM system is designed to optimize...

  • System Busters: How to Stop Them in Your Business

    System Busters: How to Stop Them in Your Business Philip Beyer has raised the bar in quality and excellence, having spent ten years researching, considering, dissecting, tweaking, writing and implementing business process management systems...

  • Package Printing, Second Edition

    Package Printing, Second Edition Everything you ever wanted to know about packaging…in one neat package! The package is the product—it not only protects the contents and conveys information, but...

  • FIRST 5.0

    FIRST 5.0 FIRST 5.0 is the industry's most comprehensive set of specifications, guidelines and tutorials designed to provide all members of the flexographic supply chain with...


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