Diecutter Speeds Folding Carton Turnaround

The Heidelberg Dymatrix 106 CSB diecutter has increased diecutting productivity by about 25 percent for ABOX Packaging.

Wilson Manufacturing supplies precision-made flexible dies and magnetic cylinders.

ABOX Packaging is continually making strategic moves to remain a leader in the tough folding carton marketplace.

At ABOX Packaging, located in Kaufman, Texas, speed, efficiency, and quality are traits the company’s growing customer base has come to expect. The 37-year-old packaging company, located 27 miles southeast of Dallas, is a custom manufacturer of high-end folding cartons, serving a variety of different market segments including medical, food packaging, and office supply products.

ABOX Packaging is led by industry-veteran Keith Thompson, who serves as the company’s president. Thompson purchased ABOX Packaging nine years ago from the company’s original owners.

“We have gone from 50 employees to 125 employees,” Thompson proudly says. “And we are at 4 1/2 times the sales revenue from when I purchased the company.”

Thompson attributes the company’s success to his employees, who he refers to as “incredible”. He also gives credit to the company’s strong base of more than 200 customers. “They are very loyal,” he contends. “We work hard to retain our customers.”

Speed rules

If ABOX Packaging has a niche, it is speed, Thompson reports. “We can turn around a job in two or three days if needed,” he says. “It’s all about speed today. Anyone can buy a press that will print great, or a diecutter that will diecut. It’s how quickly you can make it happen for the customer.”

To address this need for speed, ABOX Packaging installed a Heidelberg Dymatrix 106 CSB (integrated cutting, stripping, and blanking) diecutter in late 2009. Thompson maintains that the addition of the Dymatrix machine has increased diecutting productivity by about 25 percent.

Thompson notes that the Dymatrix diecutter runs faster than the company’s previous machines, which required offline blanking. ABOX Packaging can now diecut, strip, blank, and send jobs directly to the gluer, eliminating the need to perform manual scrapping or offline blanking.

“When I started looking at diecutters, I looked at three different brands,” Thompson recalls. “And I was very impressed with the Heidelberg machine. Three years later we are incredibly happy with it. It has done exactly what they said it would do.”

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