AccuLink Wins Customers and Awards for Exceptional Print

The judges of the Print Excellence and Knowledge (PEAK) Awards recently granted AccuLink with a 2012 Grand Award for its packaging product, “Tissue Box,” which showcased a unique design and striking tactile finish.

GREENVILLE, NC—January 15, 2013—AccuLink, which specializes in short-run, small-format print, implemented the Scodix digital press in September 2011, and it has been reaping the awards and rewards since. The press makes print stand out by using inkjet technology to register clear polymer in varying levels of thickness and texture—up to 250 microns. The Scodix press also has the ability to produce up to 99 Gloss Units (GU) and features density capabilities from one to 100 percent. With 80 percent of the AccuLink’s revenue derived from printing (about 80 percent digitally) and about 20 percent obtained from finishing, the new press has been a natural fit for the growing leader.

“When I first saw the press at a DSCOOP event in 2011, I couldn’t get my mind off of it,” notes President Tom O’Brien. “I thought it made so much sense for us that we decided if we made it available, business would come. The fact that Scodix engages two of your senses is a big deal. People remember the images longer because your recall ability goes up by a factor of four or five times, if not more, if you use more than one of your senses.”

“Customers are stunned, overwhelmed by the effects,” enthuses Lindsay Gray, co-owner of AccuLink. “It’s so different than anything they’ve seen before. We’ve gotten all kinds of interest.”

AccuLink is pleased to see its growth pattern reaching the peak levels first realized in 2007 and 2008. O’Brien credits the growth to its ability to differentiate itself with quality print, such as from the HP Indigo presses, and high-end finishing services, such as from the Scodix digital enhancement solution. With both the Scodix and the HP Indigo presses ideally complimenting each other, AccuLink is experiencing an upward growth trend in jobs for both systems.

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