Dress-Up Directives

Motivating Graphics supplies an array of high-quality offset-printed corrugated and folding carton products.

Motivating Graphics is a family-owned business. Shown are three generations of the Clark family (from left): Ray Sr., Ray Glenn, Chris, and Tim.

Motivating Graphics uses a network of supplier partners to provide high-quality, offset-printed products for its primary markets in telecommunications and consumer electronics.

For many, everyday workplace attire has become more casual, but according to Chris Clark, executive VP at Fort Worth, Texas-based offset printer and corrugated box converter Motivating Graphics (MG), more formal attire for packaging remains squarely on-trend. Specifically, Clark refers to MG’s new rigid box products as the “tuxedos” for the products of the telecommunications and consumer electronics firms that make up MG’s primary customer base.

MG’s strong orientation toward helping customers dress their products in the highest quality packaging has driven key capital investments—including MG’s purchase of rigid box machines that assure the production of visually appealing, sturdy packaging for the latest tablets and smart phones. When necessary, MG won’t shy away from advocating an extra layer of quality to solve packaging challenges; in recent applications, it has advised customers to apply film laminate to their rigid box packaging to provide more comprehensive protection against scratching. It could be said that rigid boxes such as these are akin to tuxedos that never need dry cleaning.

The current Motivating Graphics management team includes two generations of the Clark family—president Ray Glenn Clark, and executive vice presidents Chris and Tim Clark. The Clarks make it clear that their business’s high-quality appearances—from the standpoint of its management, customer service, and products—must be supported by high-quality processes at all levels of the organization. “Having the ability to control products in-house gives us the ability to control quality, brand identity, and cost effectiveness all on a parallel scale,” Chris Clark explains. Adds executive vice president Tim Clark, “As printers, we can literally say, ‘Our work speaks for itself.'”

Expanding in a global fashion

It’s a message of quality that Motivating Graphics has worked diligently to spread on a global scale. Ray S. Clark originally founded the company in Dania, Fla., in 1976, and focused its capabilities on the printing of brochures and manuals. By 1998, Clark’s son Ray Glenn had taken the helm, and led the company’s move into a complete in-house printing plant in Deerfield Beach, Fla., which included prepress, press room, bindery, packaging, and inspection departments. In 2003, with Ray Glenn’s two sons, Chris and Tim now added to the management team, the company transitioned to a new plant in Fort Worth, Texas, which marked the company’s formal entry into the packaging market. The plant, explains Chris, was specifically designed “to conform to customized products, specialty packaging, and high-yield operation” capabilities. After a 2006 expansion, this plant now occupies 175,000 square feet.

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