Action Packaging Leverages Digital, Flexo Printing

Action Packaging expanded into the digital printing arena with a Xeikon 3500 press.(Douglas Rice (left), president, and Gordon Rice, vice president)

Several packaging examples produced at Action Packaging.

Action Packaging has integrated new digital printing capabilities with its flexo operation to provide seamless options for its customers.

In a slight twist on one of Newton’s famed laws of motion, it could be said that every business action has an equivalent customer reaction. Optimally, of course, the customer’s reaction is positive. But for today’s converters to assure this outcome, what actions should be on their end of the equation?

At Ellington, Conn.-headquartered, pressure-sensitive label converter Action Packaging Systems, founder and President Doug Rice believes prompt response is a winning formula for consistently pleasing customers—from the standpoints of both product turnaround and service capabilities. To illustrate Action Packaging’s typical responsiveness to turnaround needs, Rice relates that he once took a job off an en-route delivery truck and drove it to a customer himself to get it there faster. On the capabilities side, Action Packaging’s 34-year history in the converting marketplace is punctuated with strategic service additions and adjustments made in accordance with changing end-user demands. One of Action’s most recent responses to evolving customer needs was its installation of a Xeikon 3500 digital press in August 2011—an investment that Rice says provides packaging brand owners “with additional choices of how to best print their jobs.”

Rapid ramp-ups

Action Packaging, a $15 million company, currently provides flexographic and digital printing services, as well as label application equipment (CTM Labeling and its own Gold Seal line), for food, beverage, household goods, and industrial products packaging. Even at Action’s inception in 1979, it was evident that a brisk, decisive pace would characterize the company’s activities. Rice relates that he “went full speed” into developing Action after, as a new college graduate, there was no opening for him to join the sales team at his father’s company, Rice Packaging. After a “quick” size-up of Action’s customer needs and issues, Rice first focused on offering label application equipment and establishing the company’s signature “You Pick the Day” five-day scheduling window for labels. He describes his company’s five-day turnaround policy “as a taxi cab,” rather than “a bus route,” explaining, “We will have a cab ready at all times. No need to wait for the bus.” His brother Gordon Rice joined Action in 1981, to head up a new stock folding carton division acquired from Rice Packaging.

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