Adding Brand 
Owner Value

ASL Print FX’ new label for McCormick creates a much larger footprint for recipes.

The Gallus RCS 330/430 press provides key capabilities for ASL Print FX’ Stacy Daly and his operating crews.

ASL Print FX uses technology, creativity, and close collaboration with its customers to produce high-end, high-quality labels.

Picture this: a shopper is browsing the aisles at a local wine and spirits shop, or maybe glancing at certain products on the shelves at the supermarket. From a brand owner’s perspective, grabbing the consumer’s attention with its product is the greatest challenge when competing against so many choices on the shelves. The best way to make the consumer stop and grab your product is to have a label that stands out. And, more often than not, when consumers reach out and take a product off the shelf, they buy it.

“That’s the biggest opportunity,” Stacy Daly, vice president of operations at ASL print FX, explains about getting the consumer to reach out and grab it. “Eighty percent of the time, if they pick it up, they buy it.”

Those are some pretty good odds, so it stands to reason that labeling is everything when it comes to point-of-purchase sales. ASL PRINT FX believes it has a proven formula for success: HDFX. It’s a combination of technology that produces a 20 micron dot and a photographic image. But that’s not all HDFX is about.

“It’s the perfect union of creativity and technology. We reach out to brand owners and collaborate early in the process to gain understanding of brand owner objectives and to direct the project management process with key stakeholders,” Karen Blumel, ASL’s marketing director, says. “We add value. It’s what sets us apart. A good package is a result of compelling design and very good print.”

The company hasn’t always been known as ASL Print FX. It was founded in 1965 as All Stick Label, reflecting its heritage as a label printer. In 1975, it was acquired by Mike Adam, under whom the company became recognized by brand owners as a high-end, quality flexo label printing operation. In 2004 Charlie MacLean and Daly purchased the company and MacLean is currently president and CEO. The latest change came last spring when the company rebranded from All Stick Label to ASL Print FX to reflect its current role as a label printer that adds value. “We enhance, promote, and protect brand owner image to help drive brand owner revenue,” says MacLean. ASL’s primary markets include wine and spirits, personal care, and food packaging, working with companies such as Procter & Gamble.

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