Bobst Rescues Customer from Effects of Hurricane Sandy

From left to right, Jorge Perez of Bobst; George and John Esteva, owners of Dynamic Die Cutting & Finishing; and Angel Rios of Bobst.

ROSELAND, NJ—November 9, 2012—On the eve of Hurricane Sandy on Monday, October 29th, it was “business as usual” for Dynamic Die Cutting & Finishing, located in Newark, NJ. Second generation owner-operators and brothers, George and John Esteva were in the middle of a highly time-sensitive diecutting job for a major customer when they lost power at 8 pm, having only completed 75,000 sheets of their 125,000 job order.

The aftermath of Hurricane Sandy left extreme devastation and many without power in the Northeast. After two days without power and a job promised to a customer on Saturday, November 3rd, George and John were anxious to find a way to complete this job for their customer. If they couldn’t, their customer would be out $28,000 in printed material. It was on Wednesday, November 1st that George decided to contact the Bobst office in Roseland, NJ, to see what assistance could be provided.

“Without power, we were desperate for help. I had no idea what to expect when I called Bobst and I did not know if Bobst had power,” relays George Esteva. “I first spoke with Brenda Hawkins and she arranged for me to speak with Jorge Perez. After explaining our situation to Jorge, within one hour, Bobst confirmed we could use their Novacut 106 to finish running our job, which needed to be diecut, stripped and inserted into cartons. We trucked our job to the Bobst Roseland Demonstration and Training Center on Thursday and began working at 7 am on Friday morning.”

The Bobst Novacut 106 ran the job at an average of 6,000 sheets per hour. “Bobst really came through for us. We could not have done this job without their support,” said George Esteva. “They provide remarkable service and support and we are thankful for this. I’m breathing a little easier knowing that I can get my customer’s job out. When we finish here, we are going back to our business, which still has no power and the job will be sorted, packed, then delivered to our customer by their requested deadline of Saturday, November 3rd.”

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