Calumet Carton Now a Qualified G7 Master Printer

SOUTH HOLLAND, IL—April 22, 2013—Calumet Carton, a premier manufacturer of paperboard packaging solutions, has received G7 Master Printer Qualification by IDEAlliance. This recognizes printers that have been trained to build and sustain modern technology systems in prepress and printing that support a managed color workflow. By following the G7 methodology for press and proof calibration, Calumet Carton’s clients are assured high quality, consistent and predictable color reproduction.

Calumet Carton went through an audit process of press color measurement equipment, process control procedures and quality of printing to receive the G7 Master Printer qualification. Attaining G7 Master status is a competitive goal for companies worldwide providing creative, prepress and printing services. Companies are re-evaluated annually to ensure that the standards continue to be met.

“The G7 Master Printer qualification ensures the highest level of quality and consistency for our customers,” stated Bob Byrne, plant manager. “This is a milestone for any printer; we are very proud to receive this qualification and to be able to produce high quality products for our customers.”

In addition to the qualification, Calumet Carton has a certified G7 Expert on site. A G7 Expert is an expert in the field of color management, process and quality control for proofing and printing equipment. He or she is also able to analyze color and print related issues and take corrective action to bring systems and processes in control to a set method with repeatable, predictable results. Calumet Carton’s Plant Manager, Bob Byrne, passed the IDEAlliance G7 Expert training and exam, and is a Certified G7 Expert to provide Calumet’s customers with an even greater level of printing accuracy.

About Calumet Carton
Located in South Holland, IL, Calumet Carton is a leading manufacturer of paperboard packaging products. Since 1930, Calumet has been family owned and operated, and it continues to be a leader in design, innovation and manufacturing of folding cartons and mailing products, including the nationally known Stayflats brand of protective mailers.

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