Converting Focus – March 2012

Phil Pretto (left), Goldenrod's Eastern sales manager, and Giorgio Girardi, plant engineering manager at Arkwright.

Arkwright Improves Productivity

BEACON FALLS, Conn.—Arkwright Advanced Coating, Inc. of Coventry, Rhode Island reports significant productivity gains after incorporating new Goldenrod Model 1250 DFB differential shafts into their older slitter/rewinders.

Arkwright, a division of Italy’s Diatec Group, is a leading coater and converter of paper and film for the reprographics industry. Converted products from Arkwright are typically produced on rolls from 24˝ to 72˝ wide, and are used in high-quality imaging end products.

Giorgio Girardi, plant engineering manager at Arkwright, said the decision to upgrade their machinery with new Goldenrod shafts was based on a need to improve operating efficiency at their plant. “Technology changes fast in this business, and we are always looking at ways to improve our operations,” he said. “We saw upgrading to the Goldenrod shafts as an affordable, effective way to get higher productivity out of our existing machinery.”

Phil Pretto, Goldenrod’s Eastern sales manager, recommended Goldenrod Model 1250-DFB 6˝ diameter differential shafts for the retrofit. These shafts use surface roller bearings that minimize drag and are designed for low tension applications or for larger diameter differential winding needs. Results, according to Girardi, were immediate.

The Arkwright machine operators, who were skeptical at first, were impressed at how simple the Goldenrod shafts were to set up. “They were used to it taking two hours or more to set up and adjust our old shafts, and the Goldenrod shafts took 15 minutes or less,” said Girardi.

Perhaps more importantly, Arkwright is seeing significant productivity gains from the conversion to the Goldenrod shafts. “They allow us to convert at much higher speeds, at least 30 percent faster than our older shafts,” said Girardi.

Upgrading of existing machinery will continue, said Girardi, and Goldenrod shafts and chucks are part of the plan. “We achieved great results from a relatively simple upgrade,” he said.

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