Creative Packaging

The Stoli Gold PET VAP was the result of a collaborative effort between Hub Folding Box Co. and its design company and customer.
Hub Folding Box Company captures 
top honors in packagePRINTING’s
 Excellence Awards competition.

“The Stolichnaya VAP speaks to the product image through use of Hub’s Liquid Ink Technologies, high-end performance design, and product visibility,” says DiRico. “By reverse printing on one face of the sheet, the ink is protected on the inside of the carton set, thus eliminating the need for an additional component. In addition, the exterior of the package was stamped to maintain the high-end look of the Stolichnaya brand.”

The Stolichnaya VAP was produced on a Heidelberg press custom-configured to minimize the number of passes required, notes DiRico. The one-sided printing used a total of 15 colors and coatings. “We used UV inks throughout the entire job, as we find that the UV inks have better coverage and overall scuff resistance on PETE material,” he continues.

All of Hub Folding Box’s inks are created on-site in Hub’s 300,000 square foot facility. In addition, DiRico says that the company uses Kodak plates for all its printing needs, primarily due to the reliability of the plates. For the Stolichnaya VAP, Hub used Kodak Thermal Gold plates.

The collaboration for structural and graphic design clearly paid dividends for this award-winner. “These packages are solid, with protected product, and still grab the consumer’s attention at retail through the subtle and modern use of color and high-end printing and stamping capabilities,” says DiRico. pP