Featured Products – January 2013

Combo UV/IR Dryer from AAA Press.

Combo UV/IR Dryer

In many cases combination printing involves the use of UV inks in combination with water-based inks printed in-line, in one pass. AAA Press has developed the Combo Lightouch UV with Maximizer IR drying system for a compact solution that can be retrofitted in to most converting lines. This combo dryer incorporates a piggy-backed IR dryer with in-line UV, one small control cabinet, and a shared exhaust system for either drying method. This drying system combines the UV lamp cassette offered in the Lightouch UV line with the proven Maximizer Electric Impinged Air Infrared drying system in 4, 6, or 9 bulb configurations. www.aaapress.com

Shuttered UV Systems

Aetek UV’s UltraPak® uses high-performance optics to cure inks, coatings, and adhesives on substrates from 5˝-25˝ in applications including flexo, web offset, gravure, rotary screen, inkjet, and variable data processes. www.americanultraviolet.com

Low Energy UV

GEW’s E2C enables conversion of process inks at full production speeds with little as 90 W/cm input. For inks with high energy requirements such as base white, silk screen, and low migration varieties, power can be increased by more than 50 percent to ensure there is no reduction in production speed or quality. www.gewuv.com

Hi-Cure UV Output

Grafix Hi-Cure UV can save up to 33 percent in energy usage, while providing increased output. It has fast on-off switching cycles from 20 seconds (restart) to 2 minutes (full load). The latest electronic ballast technology enables standby power to be stepped down to 25 percent of the lamp power. www.grafixonesource.com

Reflector Geometry

IST America’s MBS®-6 for the narrow-web market uses new developments in reflector geometry and integrated URS® technology (surface coating) to produce curing results using low power UV lamps that could previously only be achieved with higher powered UV systems. www.ist-uv.com

Fast Curing

XericWeb’s Maxwell system provides fast curing for UV inks and coatings. Features include: quartz reflector that removes excess IR heat; four lamp power levels; programable touch pad; and small power supply footprint. www.xericweb.com

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