Featured Products – November 2012

TAKK's Jupiter Model 3100 static bar

Polymag Tek's 6RNWC-CD web cleaner

PerforMAX Easy

Doyle Systems’ contact-free cleaning system provides higher air velocities at the extraction point

Hyperion 971

Long Range Static Control

TAKK’s Jupiter Model 3100 uses advanced pulsed DC technology whereby dedicated positive and negative emitters produce pulses of ions that help propel ions away from the bar toward static laden surfaces. This system provides a high degree of static neutralization with very fast static decay performance at distances up to 60 inches. The Jupiter features a rigid construction and is available in 24˝, 30˝, 40˝, 50˝, 60˝, and 70˝ lengths. A 24 V input power supply is provided or optionally, it can be wired directly to existing 24 V machine supplies. Simplicity of installation and operation make it highly suitable for both packaging industry OEMs and end-users. www.takk.com

Double-Nip Web Cleaner

Polymag Tek’s 6RNWC-CD web cleaner is designed to remove loose particulate contamination from a moving web. The four Polymag® Tek Blue-S contact cleaning rolls (CCRs) provide a double nip, which contacts both sides of the web as it moves through the unit. Surface contamination is transferred from the web to the CCRs, which are continuously cleaned by two pre-sheeted adhesive tape rolls. When the tape rolls become saturated, a layer of tape can be easily removed via the side access drawer slides. Each tape rolls contains 66 linear feet of adhesive tape. The double-nip provides a calculated contact cleaning efficiency of up to 99.9 percent. www.polymagtek.com

Static Neutralization

Simco-Ion’s PerforMAX Easy, with an integrated high-voltage power supply, provides a high degree of static neutralization in a space-saving design. To immediately notify operators of the bar’s operating status, the system features two LED lights at the end of the static bar. The latest version features an alarm output that can control a variety of low power devices to allow for remote sensing of the bar alarm status. To accommodate different applications, PerforMAX Easy is available in a Speed and Hybrid variety—for fast webs or farther distances—as well as offering over 60 bar lengths. www.simco-ion.com

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