Featured Products – October 2012

Harper offers iPhone Anilox Support app

Harper iPhone App

Harper Corporation of America has released the Harper™ Anilox Support app, which is available in the iPhone app store. The app has been designed to assist flexographic press operators in navigating the challenges they often face. From taking care of anilox rolls and sleeves to using HarperScientific™ cleaners effectively, the topics covered by the app allow professionals to access informative details that will assist them in streamlining their operations. The app hosts several features, including: a troubleshooting guide, tips for anilox sleeve maintenance, contact information for technical service, tips for anilox roll maintenance, and a HarperScientific™ cleaner cross reference guide. www.harperimage.com

Cleaning Gel

All Printing Resources offers Ani Gel anilox roll cleaning gel. This product can be used as both a daily cleaner or a deep-cleaning periodic anilox cleaner—on-press or out-of-machine. The deep-cleaning of anilox rolls in-machine reduces downtime and the likelihood of damage, while increasing production output. Ani Gel has been proven and tested to never damage ceramic anilox rolls. www.teamflexo.com

Unique Cell Geometry

Pamarco Global Graphics offers its latest generation of engraving technology, an HD-certified laser engraved roll branded EFlo-HD™. EFlo-HD™ technology is a unique cell structure that has been developed and created using a custom cell software application that creates a unique bitmap file that controls how the laser beams create not only the cell shape/profile, but also the inner cell geometry. The cell geometry and angle profile allows printers to expand on their color gamut and contrast range. www.pamarcoglobal.com

Quick Washups

Flexo Concepts introduced its QuikWash wash-up system at drupa. According to the company, this technology can cut wash-up time and solvent consumption in half by using a plastic wash-up blade to improve wash-up effectiveness. The QuikWash System also allows printers to retrofit their presses. It consists of a wash-up blade clamp that attaches to the existing wash-up tray and uses an exclusive TruPoint DeltaFlex plastic wash-up blade. The blade maintains a fine contact point that results in more efficient wiping and wash-ups. www.flexoconcepts.com


Apex UltraCell and UltraCell Plus cell geometries are wider and shallower than traditional CO2 laser-engraved rolls. Just as important is the precision of the cells, which ensures a cleaner ink transfer and longer blade life. For the flexographer, these innovations mean: finer line screens without ink upgrades; more thorough ink release; more consistent land area for more precise ink-to-plate transfer and less blade wear; and faster, easier, and more efficient clean up. www.apexnorthamerica.com

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