Featured Products – March 2013

Chambered Doctor Blade System

The TRESU FlexiPrint Reservoir Chamber Doctor Blade System eliminates splashing, requires no ink pump, and facilitates fast, effortless changeover, as it locks easily into any position in the printing sequence. This system ensures uniform ink coverage on the anilox roll, boosting yields even when volume requirements are as low as 0.2 liters.—www.tresu.com

Doctor Blades for Specialty Coatings

TruPoint™ doctor blades by Flexo Concepts™ have received an endorsement from adhesive technologies supplier, Henkel, for use with its specialty coatings. Finishes such as glitter, metallics, and pearlescents contain larger particulates, and a customized blade solution is often necessary to meter these chemistries and control the volume of coating applied to the blanket. TruPoint™ blades can be engineered to a full range of size and profile combinations to meet the precise needs of the printer. In addition to standard coatings, the TruPoint™ blade’s thickness and tip can be modified to improve its metering performance with the higher viscosity and large particulate formulas.—www.flexoconcepts.com

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