Flexografix Reaps Rewards from Esko Equipment

Operator using Flexographix' CDI 4260 flexo imager with HD Flexo from Esko.

Operator at Flexographix using the CDI 4260 flexo imager with HD Flexo from Esko.

Viewer for Adobe Illustrator in use by the team at Flexografix.

Esko Flexo Tools in use at Flexografix.

MIAMISBURG, OH—November 2012—Flexografix, a premedia trade shop based in Wood Dale, IL, has installed a CDI 4260 flexo imager with HD Flexo from Esko, the latest in a long line of successful investments.

In 2003, Ken Pavett acquired Flexografix, and the rest, as the saying goes, “is history.” Pavett quickly retooled the company, developing a highly skilled staff of 12, and implementing advanced technology to ensure the company goals of providing stronger value, impeccable quality, and better service could be met. The imperative has worked: since Pavett took over as CEO and president, sales revenues have increased 69 percent. Esko has been at Pavett’s side almost from the beginning, helping Flexografix realize its mission of delivering prepress solutions that increase customers’ profitability.

“Our customers love that they can put our plates on press, and they consistently work well with less effort. We engineer color separations and plates that are as easy as possible to print and match our proofs, while protecting the designer’s original intent,” says Pavett.

Kelly Cooper, Flexografix’s technical sales professional, also adds that Esko has completely revolutionized business at Flexografix. “They’ve made us more valuable to our customers, and our customers more valuable to the brand owners.”

First foray—Platemaking

Flexografix’s first Esko purchase—a CDI Spark 4835 digital platemaker—came in 2002, just before Pavett acquired the business. Driven by FlexRip, it replaced an analog film-based system. “We were one of the first prepress trade shops of our size to invest in a CDI 4835, and one of the first in our area of any size to offer digital platemaking for our customers,” notes Pavett. “The 4835 streamlined our production workflow and significantly improved print quality for our customers—which was even more important to us than its speed.”

Barely a year later, in 2004, Flexografix was looking to further automate the workflow. They implemented Esko Automation Engine workflow server engine for automating prepress administrative tasks, and DeskPack plug-ins for Adobe® Illustrator®, and PackEdge, a robust pre-production editor.