Flint Group Adds EkoCure UV LED Whites

PLYMOUTH, MN—July 17, 2014—Flint Group Narrow Web North America has commercialized two new UV LED Rotary Screen Whites to compliment the products included in the EkoCure brand. This product is best known for its exceptional ability to be used in combination with multiple ink technologies.

The UV LED Rotary Screen whites now available are a “first down” UV LED rotary screen white with improved adhesion to many newer films in the marketplace today. Along with its opacity and whiteness, this opaque white cures and prints smoothly at higher speeds than traditional products.

A “second down” white is used when a white is needed in a print sequence that is “trapped” between other print layers. This white will print over UV flexo colors and then be able to be printed upon by other print technologies and will yield good print quality along with excellent adhesion and scratch resistance under severe test conditions.

Check with your local sales and technical staff for specific product codes.

Flint Group’s EkoCure products are widely used in health and beauty, beverage and household labeling applications.

These UV LED rotary screen white technologies are also available in Flint Group’s legacy brand, CombiWhite conventional UV curing formulas.

These new EkoCure products are currently only available in the North American region. For recommendations on UV LED rotary screen white products for other parts of the world, please e-mail info.narrowweb@flintgrp.com.

In September 2013, Flint Group Narrow Web won the Award for Innovation at The Label Industry Global Awards in Brussels for its EkoCure UV LED ink technologies. Flint Group was named joint winner alongside co-supplier and development partner, Mark Andy.

The judges’ comments were, “UV LED, mercury and ozone free ink technology, from Flint Group now offers a commercially viable option with its new EkoCure inks providing improved cure response, cost and productivity savings, waste reduction, energy savings and enhanced safety that will undoubtedly have a significant impact on the future of the label industry.”

Flint Group’s EkoCure UV flexo and screen inks are the first-ever narrow web printing inks developed for use in combination printing. These inks perform to the highest standards and bring economical and ecological benefits to the market. First launched in the U.S. in 2012, these inks are now globally available through Flint Group’s extensive distribution network.

EkoCure technology and the UV LED process is a true game-changing innovation that will lead our industry into the future. EkoCure products are available in a complete range of UV flexo inks, from all base colors in the Pantone base range, as well as UV rotary screen whites designed for combination printing. The EkoCure ink range also offers a complete portfolio of metallic inks, varnishes and adhesives with more exciting developments on the horizon.

Source: Flint Group

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