Increase Your Odds

Brand owners want packaging with zest. Add foil to your packages and few will bet against you.

Last month’s stamping and embossing feature established that employing such techniques allows for cost-effective value enhancements that will grab consumers’ attention—perhaps even the most cost-effective way to give packages the eye-catching appeal brand owners demand.

Foil decoration is one effect stamping and embossing affords. It can be done inline on the press or treated as an off-press finishing effect. Either way, metallic effects continue to improve.

“Foil and metallic effects have continued to be a popular choice for packaging applications due to the eye-catching appeal they evoke,” says Jeff Peterson, executive director of the Foil Stamping and Embossing Association (FSEA). “One of the best examples of how foil-stamped and embossed images work to draw in the consumer is with the wine industry.” According to Peterson, a very large percentage of wine labels includes metallic hot stamping foil and embossing to entice the consumer. One study he cites shows that greater than 70 percent of the time when consumers purchase wine, they don’t know the specific brand or type they are going to choose until they reach the aisle. “Foil helps a product or package stand apart and because of that, it continues to be a very popular choice,” he adds. Additionally, foil and embossing create a perceived value that the product inside the bottle or package is of the highest quality.

By the numbers

Foil stamping is very popular in consumer product categories. According to Dave Ziemba, director of research and development for Diamond Packaging (Rochester, N.Y.), foil decorating is most useful and practical on packaging for high-end cosmetics, hair care, and holiday gift sets. Peterson adds, “Foil stamping has found specific niches within the packaging arena, but still has a great deal of potential for other markets.” It’s prevalent in the wine label market, the software game market, toothpaste packaging, and the cosmetics/health and beauty markets. “We continue to see growth with other consumer products as well,” he says, “where brand packagers look for ways to set their package apart from the competition.”

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