PCF 2013 Flexo Competition on Tap in March

Bettylyn Krafft (far left) and Howard Vreeland Jr. with 2010 Phoenix Challenge winners.

CHARLOTTE, NC—Feb. 12, 2013—The Phoenix Challenge Foundation (PCF) will hold its annual International High School Flexographic Skills Competition in Charlotte, North Carolina March 6th-8th at Central Piedmont Community College Harper Campus. This high school competition sets the stage for young flexographers to compete with each other, showcasing their knowledge of flexo printing and graphic arts.

The 2 1/2 day competition includes five areas of rigorous testing: (1) operating a flexo press, (2) prepress, (3) plate making, (4) written knowledge, and (5) flexo math skills. The 1st place team will be awarded medals, and their school will receive a plaque to proudly display. Additionally, they will each receive a $1000.00 scholarship along with the coveted “Harper Cup” to display at their school for one year. Second place and third place teams are also awarded medals, and their school receives a plaque to proudly display. Additionally, the second place team each receives a $500.00 scholarship. Every student who participates is a winner and is recognized with a certificate of participation along with well over $100 in industry-sponsored gifts.

Bettylyn Krafft, chairman of the Phoenix Challenge Foundation, commented, “The rivalry gets more challenging every year as the best high school students in the United States and Canada train extensively to prepare for this flexographic competition, with all eyes on the top awards.”

The Phoenix Challenge Foundation exists solely through donations made by the flexographic industry to cover operating expenses, scholarships, and to support the Phoenix Challenge Flexo Skills Competition. “We’re proud to support the Phoenix Challenge and its educational mission that advances the flexo industry that has been so good to us,” said Howard Vreeland, chairman of Anderson & Vreeland, Inc.

About the Phoenix Challenge Foundation
Founded in 1998, the Phoenix Challenge Foundation is an all-volunteer not-for-profit organization of industry professionals dedicated to the recruitment and development of the future workforce for flexography. Each year, flexo high school students and teachers from throughout the U.S. and Canada are invited to the Phoenix Challenge, a two and half-day skill-based competition with hands-on and comprehension testing in operating a flexo press, prepress, plate-making, and overall flexo knowledge. Winners are eligible for scholarships funded by the Phoenix Challenge Foundation to encourage students to pursue further education and a career in flexography.

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