Hybrid Software Partners with PACKZ Software

With its modern multi-core 64-bit architecture running under OS-X and Windows, the native PDF editor ensures optimal performance and user friendliness.

LANGHORNE PA—September 17, 2013—The recently formed software company PACKZ Software is promising a wave of innovation in the pre-press sector following the launch of PACKZ, a revolutionary application that makes high quality editing of packaging and labels accessible to small, medium and high production volume professionals. HYBRID Software will partner with PACKZ Software to distribute this exceptional product to labels and packaging customers worldwide.

“For too long our industry has been craving innovation,” explained Chairman of PACKZ Software Guido Van der Schueren. “As the commonly used pre-press products and solutions come to the natural end of their life cycle, there has been a stagnation of advances in productivity. With PACKZ we have created a supreme editing tool that gives anyone—even those with limited design or production skills—the ability to easily and quickly manipulate native PDF content.”

PACKZ provides a wide range of tools to simplify and improve packaging and label workflows, enabling levels of ‘supreme productivity’. Interactive editing up to output stage remains in the native PDF format, providing the ideal best practice for the packaging workspace.

Offering unique functionality and ease of use, PACKZ lets professionals control every aspect from design import and layout to output. PACKZ has been created by a skilled team of software gurus with dozens of years of pre-press software development experience, under the guidance of Patrick Coussement, the new company’s president.

PACKZ incorporates a complete set of pre-press, editing and quality assurance features such as trapping, separation handling, barcode creation and recognition, dynamic creation of marks and information panels and object-based screening. With its modern multi-core 64-bit architecture running under OS-X and Windows, the native PDF editor ensures optimal performance and user friendliness.

PACKZ Benefits
PACKZ offers impressive opening and makeready benchmark results (compared to currently available tools) when printing a 175 Mb PDF file containing linework, text and images. It is:

  • 3x faster when trapping
  • 4x faster saving modifications to a PDF file
  • 5x faster opening a PDF file
  • 10x faster when previewing, zooming and moving content
  • 20x faster conducting a PDF roundtrip with other applications

“The level of positive feedback from the early adopters during the go-to-market period has been overwhelming,” remarked CEO of PACKZ Software Christopher Graf. “We are thrilled that our very first product offers such a degree of innovation, enabling professionals in the labels and packaging industry to incorporate and combine native PDF functionality in a way that results in productivity that is second to none.”

“We previewed PACKZ to a group of carefully selected customers during last week’s PRINT 13 show, and the results were overwhelming. Customers were astonished at the speed and ability of PACKZ to edit even the most complicated files. Although it was designed for packaging, we received a lot of interest from wide-format printers and high-volume commercial printers, too. We are happy to partner with PACKZ Software to bring this unique product to the market,” said Mike Rottenborn, president and CEO of HYBRID Software.

With offices in the United States, Belgium, Germany and Italy, as well as strong distribution relationships in South America, Australia and other markets, HYBRID Software is able to provide a strong level of local service and support, as well as a wealth of integration experience for PACKZ users.

About Hybrid Software
Headquartered in Langhorne, PA, and with additional offices in Belgium, Germany and Italy, Hybrid Software is a software development company focused on Order Lifecycle Management for the graphic arts. Its top-notch development team has over 100 combined years of printing experience and can easily tackle the integration challenges facing the packaging and printing industry today. Its clients and partners receive a unique set of advantages that include vendor-independent solutions based on industry standards, scalable technology for numerous applications and segments, and low cost of ownership. Hybrid Software’s underlying software architecture protects customer investments and the responsive development and management teams assure nimble changes to stay ahead of market demands.

Source: Hybrid Software.

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