New Mark Andy CEO Kevin Wilken Shares His Perspective on the Packaging Market

Kevin Wilken, CEO, Mark Andy.
Look to Flexibility, Configurability, Responsiveness and Speed for Future Success

Mark Andy has been at the forefront of flexographic printing and converting almost since its inception nearly 70 years ago. Over the years the company has continually innovated and brought forth new technologies that have helped package printers and converters move forward and add value for their customers. Kevin Wilken, the new CEO of Mark Andy arrived in the top job just as the company rolled out its new hybrid digital technology, the Digital Series, which draws a line in the sand stating that digital printing has a role to play in the labels and packaging space. The new fully inline system offers printers and converters a unique option not available from some of the digital-only companies that are intruding on the label and packaging space.

This month, packagePRINTING caught up with Wilken to hear his perspective on the changes in the packaging market and how Mark Andy fits in.

pP: First of all, congratulations on the new Mark Andy Digital Series. How are customers reacting?

KW: There’s a high level of interest and feedback is very positive. But you have to understand that we didn’t create this system on our own. It was designed with the input of an advisory board made up of a cross-section of converters. Their help was invaluable in developing the system based on how it would fit their businesses. There have been a number of digital presses that required customers to change their business to fit the press but the Digital Series adapts more easily to converters’ business environments.

pP: This was not your first attempt at a digital offering. What did you learn that you applied to the new system?

KW: In a previous pass at digital integration we had a printing system that was too slow and a converting system with changeover times that were too long. We have learned a lot in recent years. Now we have a high-speed digital inkjet and flexo printing platform with fast set-up and changeover for converting. Our mantra is to let the converter to pick the technology that works the best in their business environment. We don’t care what technology they choose, we just want to provide the right solution to fit their business need.

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