On-Demand Labels Streamline Product Inventory Management

JACLO Industries supplies shower and bath accessories to high-end decorative showrooms and plumbing wholesalers.
High-end bath accessories provider uses on-demand packaging labels to simplify its labeling needs for more that 35,000 products.

When Cranford, N.J.-based JACLO Industries started out in 1961, it was one of the first bathroom accessories companies offering handheld shower systems in the U.S. As a company proud of its cutting-edge design, JACLO has continued the tradition of providing some of the finest high-end showers, grab bars, channel drains, and other bathroom accessories on the market. A product supplier to high-end decorative showrooms and plumbing wholesalers, JACLO’s products can be found in bathroom suites of some of the country’s most renowned hotels, including the MGM SkyLofts in Las Vegas and the Essex House and The Plaza in New York City, as well as numerous Best Western properties.

Changing needs

JACLO ships approximately 1,000 products a day to decorative plumbing showrooms and plumbing supply houses and wholesalers. Typically in the past, products would be removed from boxes and put on display in showrooms. Consumers would rarely see JACLO’s shipping packages, so the appearance of packaging was of little concern.

However, like other accessory providers, JACLO has seen changes in recent years in how its products are displayed. As home design outlets and decorative showrooms have expanded, it is now more common for consumers to see unopened product boxes on display. As a premium brand, JACLO realized that its packaging needed to reflect the changing retail environment.

“We used to package our products in plain white boxes with black and white thermal labels, assuming that consumers would never see the package,” says Chris Pike, chief operating officer at JACLO. “That’s no longer true these days, and we realized we needed to step up our packaging and include an attractive, informative label.”

JACLO was also looking to solve another vexing problem that was costing time and money: SKU chaos. With more than 40,000 product SKUs in stock, JACLO required a huge variety of pre-printed label stock to meet its graphic requirements. This was creating serious challenges with its labeling operations. When orders came in, packaging personnel would need to spend time finding labels for each package. Not only did this require additional inventory space, but finding the right label was causing delays and shipping mistakes. It all added up to huge headaches that were affecting the bottom line.

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