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K-1 Packaging Is a One-Stop Shop for Customers

Offering an array of printing processes, finishing capabilities, and decorated materials, K-1 Packaging Group is committed to meeting the changing needs of its customers.

January 2013 By Sue Busch
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The one-stop-shop—it's become a nearly standard descriptor for companies in the package-printing marketplace. As more and more converters characterize themselves as able to do it all, fresh challenges emerge in terms of differentiating their capabilities for end-user prospects. For K-1 Packaging Group, a City of Industry-based, family-owned and operated producer of folding cartons, narrow-web labels, flexible packaging, and rigid boxes, the one-stop-shop definition is said to run deep. "Our philosophy of being a provider of diversified resources is not a shallow claim," says Mike Tsai, president. "While we are the proverbial jack-of-all-trades, we are not dabblers. Our in-house staffs that specialize in each of the print processes that we offer are deeply committed to their respective crafts."

Tsai positions K-1, founded in 1993, as "still a newcomer in the U.S. packaging market"—a status which drives a rigorous attention to building and demonstrating expertise to prospects. "It does take a lot of time and effort to build your reputation and be recognized as a can-do organization, especially when you're trying to do so while standing in the shadow of giants," says Tsai. K-1 may not have the decades-long track record of other converters, but the company is built on expertise gained from the Tsai family's many years in the commercial printing market, a presence which originated in Taiwan in the late 1940s.

In the U.S., K-1 has carved out a niche largely centered in folding cartons (60 percent of its revenues) and serves customers in the CPG, processed food, personal care, and discretionary items (higher-end cosmetics, skin-care, fragrance, and electronic products) segments. K-1's growing breadth of expertise is strongly indicated by its regular coordination of multiple production processes for customers. "We frequently encounter projects that use both flexo printed labels and offset printed cartons," Tsai explains, adding, "Because both packaging components utilize the same artwork, the colors need to match." It is also common for K-1 to produce entire packaging sets for customers, such as a recent dietary supplement package that included a rigid box, three folding cartons, and flexible film stick packs—a project that not only demanded graphic design consistency but an appropriate fit between each component.


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