Flexo Printer Through and Through

The employee team at Ontario-based Labelad strives to make it a “best in class” service provider.

Labelad offers an array of pressure-sensitive and shrink-sleeve labels, short-run flexible packaging, and smart labels containing RFID and Near Field Communication products.

Labelad upgraded its capabilities in 2011 to incorporate EskoArtwork’s HD Flexo technology.

Continuing a legacy of flexo printing excellence, Labelad is ‘Easy To Do Business With.’

It wasn’t so long ago that flexography was thought of as delivering a second-rate product when compared to offset and gravure. Since the day it opened its doors 36 years ago, Ontario-based Labelad has refused to accept that assumption, proving to its customers time and time again that it can deliver a high-quality flexographic product.

A full packaging solution provider with 85 employees, Labelad’s extensive product line includes pressure-sensitive and shrink-sleeve labels, mono- to multi-layer short-run flexible packaging, smart labels containing RFID and Near Field Communication products, and solutions for the beauty and health markets.

Labelad has 10 presses, including Mark Andy and Gallus narrow-web lines, as well as an HP Indigo 4000—now a WS4050—it installed in 2004. A longtime user of Esko technology, the company uses a Backstage server and a suite of Esko software: PackEdge for preproduction, Plato for layout, and Esko color management—along with a CDI digital imager with HD Flexo technology for platemaking. The company is a certified HD Flexo user—the first in Canada—a designation given by Esko that demonstrates a high level of expertise in running the technology.

Technological advances over the last 10 years may have given Labelad better tools to compete against offset and gravure, but, notes Ken Norris, manager, graphics and digital solutions, the company has “never shied away from difficult designs in the past; we worked with our clients to deliver to them a product that met their expectations with color corrections and within our print tolerances.”

Being the best

Its customer-first philosophy led to the 2010 launch of its ETDBW (Easy To Do Business With) program. The goal is simply to be a “Best in Class” service provider.

“Our mission is to be the easiest company to do business with in the packaging industry,” says Joe Campbell, vice president and general manager. “Too many companies add unnecessary complexities to their business by focusing on internal priorities and processes while ignoring what is really important to the customer. At Labelad, the priority is to provide the best customer experience and to differentiate ourselves through service. We design the supply programs to assist our customers to achieve their goals. It’s simple…to help your customer grow has to be the driving priority. It’s about making your customer say ‘Wow! No other packaging company does what you do!’”

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