Lattice Labels Increases Capacity with Gallus Press

ST. GALLEN, SWITZERLAND—December 18, 2012—Cambridgeshire-based Lattice Labels Ltd., one of the larger label printers in the United Kingdom in terms of volume, is increasing capacity in order to fulfill incremental business with the purchase of a Gallus EM 410 label press.

The four-color Gallus press will enable Lattice Labels to print up to 410 mm width and to convert into rolls and various-sized sheets. The Gallus EM 410 was installed in October 2012.

Lattice Labels specializes in the production of pre-printed products that can be over-printed by its customers with their own variable information. Typical customer applications are barcodes and addresses so many of Lattice Labels trade customers are selling to logistics companies, large multiple retailers etc.

Lattice Labels chose to invest with Gallus for a number of reasons: “Our customers’ variable print information is laid down by their own digital printers which take either sheets or reels, so we need a label press that can convert from both reel-to-reel and reel-to-sheet,” explains Chris Beadle, managing director at Lattice Labels. “Also, to have the capability of producing larger sheet sizes such as A3 and SRA3 which are suitable for most digital printers, the Gallus EM 410 delivers on both of these requirements, so it’s really perfect for our needs.”

The new label press will be the sixth Gallus machine for Lattice Labels but the only one with a 410 mm width capability.

“The Gallus EM 410 is well designed and built to last,” adds Beadle. “At Lattice Labels we want to produce the best for our customers and to enable us to achieve this we need the best suppliers and Gallus presses meet this requirement. Our other Gallus presses produce fanfold, roll- and sheet-labels and over time have given us reliable and consistent service coupled with a high-quality output. The new Gallus EM 410 will continue this trend but much more efficiently, our experience and knowledge made the choice simple.”

The Gallus Group
The Gallus Group is the world market leader in the development, production and sale of narrowweb, reel-fed presses designed for label manufacturers. Its folding-carton business offers a range of wide-web, reel-fed presses and diecutters for the cost-effective, inline production of folding cartons and cardboard products. Its range of machines is complemented by consumables, local service and spare parts throughout the world. In 1999, Gallus entered into a cooperation agreement
with Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG, the world market leader for print and media industry solutions. Gallus employs around 590 people, of whom 280 are based in Switzerland. The group headquarters is in St. Gallen.

Source: Gallus.

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