Malnove’s Key to Success: Forward Thinking, Commitment to Customers, Continuous Improvement

Taking the home field advantage are Paul Malnove (center); Bill Malnove (left); and Dale Houck.

Malnove beats stiff competition with total solutions

North American folding carton suppliers face a number of challenges, most notably stiff competition from flexible packages such as stand-up pouches, along with almost pervasive industry overcapacity. Being successful in such a highly competitive environment requires a steadfast focus on meeting customer demands—and applying leading edge technologies to gain an advantage over compettiors.

Malnove is one company that is not just surviving in this competitive landscape but is using the challenges to make itself stronger—and is thriving in the process. One of the keys to the company’s success is in how it leverages use of an automated information system from EFI Radius to stay ahead of the game in folding cartons.

Founded in 1948 in Brooklyn, NY, by CEO Paul Malnove, the company operates production facilities in Jacksonville, FL, Omaha, NE, Clearfield, UT, and Kapolei, HI. Malnove positions itself as a total solution-based company that focuses on customers’ top-line goals while delivering on bottom-line metrics. This total solutions approach takes it well beyond folding carton printing and converting to include specialized form, fill and seal systems; product handling; cartoning; case packing; and palletizing equipment.

Three Tenets

Paul Malnove says the company operates based on three tenets to deliver long-term and sustainable benefits to its customers: Intelligent Design, Continuous Joint Process Improvement and Speed-to-Market. “We like to think of our commitment to these tenets and our alignment with our customers’ needs as the basis for a strong home field advantage.”

The foundation of this commitment is an intimate understanding of what is important to customers and a drive for continuous improvement—pillars that help the company control its own destiny in a market burdened by overcapacity and low growth.

“Our customers have a wide selection of suppliers to choose from,” notes Malnove. “We believe that our passion for getting better every day is a compelling reason that they to choose us.”

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