Quality Vision

Nosco’s culture of employee ownership and its emphasis on quality make a critical difference in the company’s success.
Nosco’s use of sophisticated vision inspection technology adds oversight and quality control for its pharmaceutical products.

Nosco, Inc. is high on quality. “Compliant or Complaint: Only I Make the Difference,” a phrase coined by one of the company’s employee owners, reflects the key role Nosco’s Quality Lifestyle component plays in every aspect of the company’s day-to-day activities. It encompasses not only Nosco’s attitude toward the highly sensitive pharmaceutical packaging work it performs, but also the emphasis Nosco places on establishing trust-based relationships with external and internal customers, its habit of product innovation, and its single-minded focus on responsibility and accountability. It also extends to Nosco’s strategy of acquiring the most advanced technology—including sophisticated vision inspection systems—to provide comprehensive quality across the board.

A pharmaceutical packaging printer since 1932, but founded as National Office and Supply Company in 1906, Nosco today has facilities in Waukegan and Gurnee, Ill. and Carrollton, Texas. It provides a breadth of products and services for high-end pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, ophthalmic, bio-tech, and medical device packaging. The Waukegan facility produces folding cartons, while the other two facilities produce pressure-sensitive labels and a variety of folded literature including med guides and other forms of patient information. One recent innovation developed by the company is called “Lit-A-Sure,” a folding carton with an attached insert that eliminates the need for literature feeding on the production line. In fact, Nosco’s new product development area has proven to be a significant value-add for its customers, representing roughly one-third of the company’s $75 million in annual revenues.

“Nosco had a slight dip in revenue in 2008-09, but besides that we’ve increased revenue every year since 2004, and also have a revenue growth plan in place for 2012,” says company president Russell Haraf. “That’s because of our new product innovation and solutions engineering emphasis, which helped us weather the storm that the overall economy experienced with respect to more mature products.”

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