Excellence Awards: Time to Party

Hub Folding Box Company’s Best of Show winner in packagePRINTING’s 2011 Excellence Awards program.
For the second year in a row, 
Hub Folding Box Company captures top honors in 
packagePRINTING’s Excellence Awards competition.

Congratulations are in order for all the companies that participated in this year’s packagePRINTING Excellence Awards competition. It was obvious right from the start that the package-printing industry put its best foot forward. The judges—Peter Menzian, DuPont; Joe Hamway, Mark Andy; and Bob Waddington, Superior Ink—were only half way through the label categories when it was obvious that “there are lot’s of very high-quality entries this year,” noted Waddington.

With 28 first-place winners vying for Best of Show honors, the judges worked hard just to get it down to a handful of finalists. Labels were well represented as Hamway noted, “Some of the labels were just beautiful, breathtaking, and it was hard to pick the other package.”

In the end, the “other package” was Hub Folding Box Company’s iBAR 2010 Holiday “Instant Bar” package. Its selection for Best of Show honors marks two years in a row for Hub Folding Box Company—an impressive feat.

According to Menzian, “It had a degree of difficulty the others didn’t have, and the way they dropped the blue was fantastic. The registration was near perfect.”

This second consecutive award for the Mansfield, Mass.-based company helps demonstrate why the company is widely recognized for its creativity and innovation. According to Jack DiRico, a third-generation family owner, Hub Folding Box Company does its best to get involved from the beginning of the creative process to ensure that it can assist its customers in developing the best package for their market strategies.

For this package, Corby Distilleries, Pigeon Branding and Design, and Hub Folding Box Company collaborated on the design right from the start. Corby Distilleries established the need for a package that is geared towards the highly technical and younger (but legal-age) consumer. The package becomes an “instant” bar—or highly technical iBAR—when the consumer removes the bottles from inside.

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