Packaging Design Ideas to Bolster Your Brand

The iD Gum package is delivered in a semi-transparent cellophane wrapper that hints at what’s inside the pack. Once unwrapped, the pack reveals original artwork sourced by Landor from young emerging artists from around the world.

Gevalia had been selling coffee online for years, but needed a new package to introduce the brand to traditional retail outlets on a very crowded coffee shelf. While the structure is not differentiated, the graphics are.

The refresh for Sour Patch retained the core equities of the brand but also revitalized the graphics by injecting a little distinctiveness to the brandmark itself. Besides stating the brand promise with words only, the graphics added a dynamic visual benefit.

Brand owners can use these packaging design ideas to get the most recognition for their brands.

Our culture is constantly evolving. For brands, that means they must create new ways to remain relevant while reflecting today’s culture. In response, many brands are refreshing their packs more frequently than ever before. Most noticeably in the past four or five years, speed-to-market with a pack refresh appears to play a larger role in overall brand activity.

Advances in technology and social networking expose consumers to new things at a rapid pace—people expect some level of change all the time. Rather than keeping the same package around for years, or even decades, many brands are delicately balancing the need to maintain familiarity with the need to remain relevant.

This increased frequency of package refreshes brings the return on investment (ROI) into question. While ROI is difficult to measure as it relates to branding on pack, over time the cost of not refreshing can easily be more than the cost of redoing a package. Below are a few ideas that can help you get the most out of your brand package design.

Packaging shouldn’t be a one-off project—Packaging plays a key role in defining your brand and driving relevance in this fast-paced market. Revitalizing a brand’s packaging presents opportunities for new and established brands to break out of the clutter and let their identities shine. Many companies evaluate packaging only when their brand is languishing or when a new variant is about to launch. Don’t think of refreshing your packaging as a project with an end date; instead, the “evolution of packaging” should be a regular conversation and strategic choice as your brand strategy evolves.

Make an emotional connection—Consumers today are looking to emotionally connect with their brands. Consumers are actively seeking new ways to explore the ideas they’re already thinking about, and brands can play a role. Consumers appreciate diversity and discovery, and really embrace individuality. Consumers are experiential—tweeting, posting, sharing, and updating regularly. Can your brand include the consumer in the conversation, or better yet, let your consumer lead the conversation?

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