Food Safety Among Hot Topics at FTA 2013 Forum

BOHEMIA, NY—Feb. 13, 2013—We need only read the trade and national news to realize that the subject of food safety is a growing concern among today’s consumers. They are more educated, more in tune with the food products and ingredients that make it to their dinner tables and in their kids’ lunch boxes. As such, today’s consumers are demanding safer, healthier food. It’s not just the ingredients that face scrutiny; the packaging that keeps our sandwiches, boxes of raisins, and apple slices fresh are also under the microscope.

Kicking off FTA’s 2013 Forum: Right Here, Right Now (April 28–May 1; San Diego) is a session focused on the regulations, certifications and food safety initiatives that are fast becoming a must for the modern food packager. Dubbed “Life is Full of Options…Complying with Food Safety is Not One of Them!” the session provides much more than a glimpse into food safety.

Session chairs Bruce Riddell, Spectrum Label Corporation and Dan Doherty, Prairie State Group have assembled an expert panel to explain how food safety affects the entire food packaging supply chain. The roster of presenters includes a consumer product company (CPC) spokesman and experts in the field of food safety certifications–such as the Global Food Safety Initiative.

As a converter well versed in what it takes in order to become certified, Dan and his team will also be sharing their experiences in regards to the SQF (Safe Quality Food) certification, as his company has recently undergone the process to successfully achieve certification. They worked with the auditing body EAGLE Food Registrations Inc. and consultancy firm Capjem (both included on the roster of presentations) and will share their journey, the decisions Prairie State had to make, and how they expect it to impact business in the future.

All the details will be examined and explained and in the end, attendees will have a solid handle on all issues related to food safety. Attendees will:

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