Prepress?Plates/Plate Processing

Advanced Prepress Graphics

Flexo prepress tradeshop producing Cyrel high-definition flexo plates and film. Visit


Offers the Thermostar P970-ideal for VLF applications-and the Thermostar P971 thermal imaging plate. Visit


Complete selection of digital prepress systems and conventional photopolymer plate processors and plate mounters. Platemaking materials include a broad range of solvent and water-wash sheet photopolymer, liquid photopolymer, rubber compounds, matrix and accessories. Visit

BASF Corp.

Offers full line of nyloflex®, nyloprint® photopolymer printing plates, platemaking equipment for flexographic, letterpress, gravure applications; and K+E inks for sheetfed, web offset printing. Visit

Beta Industries

The Betaflex 334 Flexo Plate Analyzer eliminates bad plates early in production cycle. Measures flexo plates, negatives, proofs, prints for true dot area, ruling, dot quality. Captures measurement data, full color images for calibration, documentation. Visit

Bunting Magnetics Co.

Soft-touch dies for rotary hot stamping made from elastic rubber blend offer high heat transfer, zero distortion. Durable Bunting FulFlex™ plates handle long runs, 3-D/2-D embossing. Visit,


Offers the Mirus™ PN, a negative-working thermal plate Staccato® 10 qualified. Ideal for high-quality, high-volume, long-run applications with web, sheetfed presses and UV inks. Visit


Manufacturer of precision cylinder, platemaking equipment—high-speed chrome and copper plating tanks, vertical plating tanks, automated cylinder handling equipment. Visit,

Dansen Prepress

TOREFLEX, water washout sheet flexo plate, meets demands for finer line, tonal reproduction. Holds 150 line screen 2 percent dots; washable without additives. Processes a plate in about 45 min. Visit


DuPont Cyrel® is the leader in analog, digital, thermal and in-the-round flexo printing plate technologies, platemaking workflows. Visit


Plate scanners for ink fountain setting. Visit

Flexi Printing Plate

Flexo printing plates, rubber, and photopolymer.


Reduce production costs, increase market share through Color Expertise, Digital Cyrel® FAST, solvent-processed photopolymer plates, Kodak Approval’s digital halftone dot-based proofer. Offers on-site, press-side consultation.

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