Top Consumer Product Companies to Speak at Printing & Packaging Conference

BETHESDA, MD—December 4, 2012—With a focus on advanced materials using UV and EB curable inks, coatings, and adhesive technology for print and packaging applications, uv.eb WEST 2013 (February 26-27, 2013, Redondo Beach, CA) will feature speakers from General Mills, Frito-Lay, Skullcandy and Ste.

Michelle Wine Estates will be presenting their perspectives on innovative package development. In addition, the event will host talks on recyclability, UV LED, low-migration ink technology and new press technology.

Event speakers will spotlight consumer, industrial, government and economic trends and how fast emerging UV and EB technology is helping to meet the needs for retooled and responsible processes. The Coalition for Clean Air is co-hosting the event, and sponsoring a session for regulators on “Enabling Clean Air Manufacturing with UV & EB Technology.”

“During the past few years I have discovered some amazing things about UV/EB technology,” says Joe Lyou, President and CEO of the CCA and Governor’s Appointee, South Coast Air Quality Management District Governing Board. “UV/EB Technology can reduce air emissions while providing a superior coating, ink, adhesive, and composite product for less cost than traditional methods.”

uv.eb WEST programming will also feature a presentation by Boeing, and Innovations in Corrosion & Weathering for Industrial Finishing, Composites, and Advanced Materials & Processes for Industrial Applications.

Source: RadTech.

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