Rolling Out Sustainable Packaging

TAMPA, FL—July 15, 2014—With environmental awareness and conservation in mind, Versatile Packagers has launched a new line of environmentally and cost efficient product solutions called Sustainable Packaging.

With benefits such as decreased production and material costs, use of recycled materials, and lighter, smaller package design, the Sustainable Packaging model is a revolutionary concept, satisfying the needs of both the consumer and the environment.

With more than 20 years of experience, the Florida-based contract packaging company has consistently provided top-tier packaging solutions for clients across the nation.

Sustainable Packaging provides a cost efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional product packaging.

“We see the benefits of Versatile Packager’s new product line to be two-fold. Our new product is specifically designed to leave less of an environmental footprint, promoting habits of reducing, reusing, and recycling, all while keeping production and material costs low,” President of Versatile Packagers Bob Vande Wegh said.

“With Versatile Packager’s new Sustainable Packaging service, we are confident that we will continue to revolutionize the market as well as better sustain the people, planet, and overall profit,” he commented.

Source: Versatile Packagers

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