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And the 2012 TLMI Converter of the Year is...

Representing a new generation of leaders, Scott Pillsbury, president of Rose City Label Company, is packagePRINTING's 2012 TLMI Converter of the Year.

October 2012 By Tom Polischuk
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It's in his blood. Seemingly born and raised in the tag and label industry and virtually a child member of the association, TLMI has had a significant impact on Scott Pillsbury and he has returned the favor many times over. He's been an active member right from the start, highlighted by a 10-year stint on the TLMI Board of Directors.

John Hickey, CEO of Smyth Companies and the 2010 TLMI Converter of the Year, takes note of the significance of Pillsbury's contributions. "He was a tremendous leader during some tough times as chairman of TLMI and he made it look easy. On a personal side, Scott is always great company, making him a tremendous ambassador for what the TLMI stands for."

"Scott is one of those volunteers that just keeps offering help, even after many years on Board," adds TLMI President Frank Sablone. "He continues to be a great mentor to new members."

For his on-going and significant contributions to TLMI and the tag and label industry as a whole, Scott Pillsbury, president of Portland, Ore.-based Rose City Label Company, has been selected as packagePRINTING's 2012 TLMI Converter of the Year.

Home grown

Pillsbury was raised in Portland and got an early introduction to the tag and label industry while he was still in elementary school when his father, Mike, bought Rose City Label. His upbringing and education were tied to TLMI and the label business from an early age. "My first exposure to the industry—besides washing ink pans and being a helper on a long job on our Mark Andy 830—was a FINAT meeting in Corfu, Greece in 1984," he relates. Even his college education was a direct result of TLMI. "I attended the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs largely as a result of a day trip my father took to the Academy while attending a TLMI meeting at The Broadmoor."

Pillsbury graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1989 and spent much of his active duty working in the finance area. Here, he learned the value of writing clearly and how to do thorough analysis. He served in the Air Force Reserve until 1998. As a proud veteran, he says, "I continue to be thankful for the hard work our service members do for this country every day."



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