Seminars For Engineers Increases Offerings

MADISON, N.J.—Seminars for Engineers has added new seminars on web handling and converting this year to its established seminar series. Seminars are being held at a variety of regional locations in the U.S., internationally in Germany, and can also be held on-site, in-house at a company’s request.The seminars encourage participant interaction and are taught by industry experts who discuss practical problem solving techniques and the most up-to-date information available. Students learn how to improve quality, reduce waste, and increase productivity to maintain and enhance competitive advantage. Anyone working with web machinery will benefit from these courses, including product and process designers, process engineers, quality, sales/service, maintenance and lead operators.

Information about these and other seminars is available at, by e-mailing, or by calling 877-755-2272 (USA and Canada) or 973-560-9092. The seminar list follows:

From exploring the theoretical to understanding practical applications, you will be able to diagnose and treat existing problems and also accurately identify the specifications needed for new webs. You will learn about the critical areas of tension control, web tracking, roller choices and their effects, machine alignment and web defects such as roping, telescoping, and staring.
• Frankfurt, Germany – April 7-8
• Charleston, S.C. – June 17-18
• Raleigh, N.C. – Sept. 16-17

The phrase “flexible web materials” includes more than the common paper, film and foil products; it also includes increasingly complex laminates, coated products and technical materials such as composites, exotic thin films, textiles, light metals, and electronic and medical products, to name just a few. The seminar’s major emphasis is on the more demanding process of shear slitting, but also includes comprehensive information on razor slitting and crush (score) slitting.
• Charlotte, N.C. – April 22-23
• Chicago, Ill. – Dec. 9-10

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