Specialty Packaging Technologies Innovates Flexible Packaging with Karlville KSPQ Pouching Machine

ELGIN, IL—May 28, 2014—Specialty Packaging Technologies has purchased Karlville’s first and only KSPQ hybrid pouching machine that is revolutionizing the flexible packaging industry. Specialty Packaging Technologies (SPT) focuses on customized premade pouches, including spouted pouches, and the new KSPQ pouching machine allows for quicker changeover and increased efficiencies from both economic and versatility standpoints.

“There are thousands of machines in the industry, but the KSPQ is the first of its kind on the market and we’re thrilled to have it on our floor,” said John Goeden, president and CEO of Precision Color Graphics. “This machine is just the next step in the investment in the future of Specialty Packaging Technologies which offers even more diverse packaging options for our customers. With its v-board and unique features we can run side gusset and quad seal pouches along with stand up zipper pouches.”

This specialized pouch production equipment has a 450 mm web width, with 1 web/1 film configuration and runs at 225 cycles per minute, allowing Specialty Packaging Technologies to react quickly and diversely, and enabling them to handle a very large marketplace and produce pouches in many different formats.

“The KSPQ is the fastest and provides the smallest footprint for a compact multi-functional pouch machine in the industry,” states Jim Pease, director of pouching commercial division, Karlville Development. “We are pleased that SPT is the first company to purchase this machine and look forward to assisting them become a major player.”

The new machine complements Specialty Packaging Technologies’ current full platform 600 mm KSP and KSG machines. It is revolutionizing the industry being a catalyst in lowering costs and changeover times—creating significantly better economics.

“Normally you’d need more than one machine to run this line-up of pouches, now we can do it all in one compact machine,” said Tony Cherot, president of Specialty Packaging Technologies. “The KSPQ is a very high performance machine with considerable economic benefits by offering reduced scrap rates, efficient changeover times, and boosting run rates which ultimately increases production capacity.”

“It is always exciting to be able to offer current and potential clients a new package style that offers the design, function, and product differentiation, especially with a manageable price point, that all brands search for in today’s market,” says Jane Dirr, vice president of business development at Specialty Packaging Technologies.

About Specialty Packaging Technologies
Specialty Packaging Technologies is a flexible packaging manufacturer primarily focused on the manufacture of premade pouches, utilizing the latest innovations and technologies in pouch production equipment, offering customized pouching for diverse, ever-increasing market demands. For any questions about Specialty Packaging Technologies, please e-mail sales@specialtypackagingtechnologies.com.

About Karlville Development
Karlville Development is a global manufacturer of shrink sleeve converting and shrink sleeve application, pouch converting and narrow web slitting/inspection equipment sold under the Karlville – Beyond Converting brand.

Source: Specialty Packaging Technologies.

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