Steinhauser Awarded 2013 Maxwell Award

Tara Steinhauser Halpin and Trevor Steinhauser, of Steinhauser, were presented with a 2013 Maxwell Award from the Southern Region Printing Week Council.

NEWPORT, KY—January 26, 2013—Steinhauser was presented the 2013 Maxwell Award from the Southern Region Printing Week Council on January 26th. Each year, the council awards a market leader in the printing industry that has demonstrated technical proficiency, continued success, and forward thinking for a minimum of 15 years. In addition, the selected company should contribute to the local community and show exemplary conduct.

Steinhauser was established in 1905, in Cincinnati by Albert Steinhauser. Known then as A. Steinhauser & Son, they offered lithographic printing, mailing, and copy services. Albert instilled integrity into his business practices, developed innovative solutions for his customers, and consistently delivered quality printing. These values have been engrained in every generation of Steinhausers who have led this company in the past century and have secured Steinhauser as a respectable and dependable printer among customers and peers alike.

Through the 60’s and 70’s with Albert’s son, Wilbur, leading the company they began investing in new equipment, including a web press. After two years of experimentation, Wilbur was able to develop technology to print up to four colors on two sides and apply glue strips, scores, and perforations in a single pass. His perseverance to develop this technology set them apart from their competition.

In 1983 Robert Steinhauser, Wilbur’s son, took ownership of the family business, now located in Newport, Ky. Following in his father’s footsteps, Robert invested in more equipment and worked with customers and suppliers to develop new innovations in printing. The most notable innovation was becoming the first offset printer to run plastic in-mold, sheetfed labels.

When Tara Steinhauser Halpin and Trevor Steinhauser took ownership of the business as President and Vice President, respectively, in 2007 they became the fourth generation of owners but the first multiple interest owners in Steinhauser history. With over a century of family history firmly established, the sibling team set out to secure the legacy and future of the business in a challenging economy.

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