Sustainability Watch – November 2012

SGP Launches its new outreach campaign 'Take Action'

SGP Launches ‘Take Action’

BOHEMIA, N.Y.—Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), a non-profit organization providing sustainability certification in the graphic communications industry, announced the launch of its new outreach campaign, “Take Action.” The campaign will encourage members of the graphic communications industry—printers, print buyers, suppliers, and others—to take action by getting involved with SGP and reaping the benefits of Certification and sustainability.

The campaign has several goals to achieve by early first quarter 2013. These include: 1) raising the number of SGP Certified applicants; 2) increasing the number of print buyers that preference SGP Certified printers; 3) increasing the number of suppliers that sponsor SGP; and 4) significantly raising the number of organizations and individuals on SGP’s mailing list.

“SGP Certification does more than just help companies become good stewards for the environment, it significantly improves a business’s value and its bottom line,” comments Heidi Thompson, SGP’s “Take Action” campaign leader. “Our goal is to put SGP in the forefront of everyday business, making it easy for everyone to benefit from all that it has to offer.”

WS Packaging Division Receives L.I.F.E.

GLOUCESTER, Mass.—Mason, Ohio-based WS Packaging has recently been awarded L.I.F.E. (Label Initiative for the Environment) certification from TLMI. The Project L.I.F.E. program was developed in order to assist TLMI members to find cost-effective ways to reduce their companies’ environmental footprint. The Mason, Ohio division of WS Packaging is the 34th company to achieve TLMI L.I.F.E. certification.

“More and more of our customers are being asked, or mandated, to evaluate the sustainability of their packaging,” commented Terry Moede, corporate director of environment and safety for WS Packaging. “Having the third-party L.I.F.E. certification shows our customers that we operate in an environmentally sound manner and can provide documentation to meet their chain-of-custody requirements. We have implemented several processes and procedures to reduce waste and energy consumption throughout all our locations. We are currently pursuing L.I.F.E. certification at several other plants.”

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