Sustainability Watch – January 2013

Acadia® EcoBarrier provides the same oil and grease resistance achieved with its Acadia brand, but without the use of fluorochemicals.

Pictured with the “Most Environmentally Progressive 
Industry Vendor” Award are Kodak’s Michele Laird-Williams, Dominic Veroni, and Michael Halliwell.

Sustainable Substrate for Packaging

SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine—Twin Rivers Paper Co. has expanded its product portfolio with a fluorochemical-free, oil and grease-resistant paper. Used in food service and quick serve restaurant (QSR) packaging, Acadia® EcoBarrier provides the same oil and grease resistance achieved with its Acadia brand, but without the use of fluorochemicals.

“The QSR and food service industries are increasingly seeking fluorochemical-free alternatives for their packaging designs. Acadia EcoBarrier answers this need,” says Dave Deger, director of business development and marketing. “We believe this product will play an important role in the future as part of our comprehensive and growing portfolio of packaging papers.”

Kodak Receives Canadian Award

ROCHESTER, N.Y.—Kodak was recently named one of the “Most Environmentally Progressive Industry Vendors” in Canada at the annual Canadian Printing Awards. These awards are organized each year to recognize industry achievements and the Canadian printers and industry suppliers that demonstrate excellence in quality printing, environmental initiatives, and business development.

The “Most Environmentally Progressive Industry Vendor” award was given to suppliers who based their strategy and initiatives on addressing environmental impact. Kodak was recognized with a silver award for its combination of sustained environmental performance and continuous focus on innovative solutions that contribute to its customers’ pursuit of sustainability.

“Today’s printers have signaled that doing what’s right for their business includes reducing their environmental footprint,” said Todd Bigger, Kodak’s worldwide product management director—graphics. “Kodak is proud to be among those recognized within the graphic communications industry for the ‘Most Environmentally Progressive Industry Vendor’ award. This honor only reaffirms our continued commitment to developing robust, industry-proven solutions for our customers in the print market.”

TLMI Reaches 40 L.I.F.E. Certifications

GLOUCESTER, Mass.—Four TLMI member company facilities recently achieved L.I.F.E. (Label Initiative for the Environment) Certification. The program’s newly certified plants include Sussex, Wis.-based Lauterbach Group; Avery Dennison’s Peachtree City, Ga. division; and Green Bay Packaging’s Winchester, Va. and Green Bay, Wis. facilities. The L.I.F.E. program was developed in order to assist TLMI members to find cost-effective ways to reduce their companies’ environmental footprint.

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