Henkel Introduces Sustainable Packaging Tote Recovery Program

BRIDGEWATER, NJ—Henkel is offering a new brochure presenting a fast, easy and environmentally responsible way for customers to return empty totes that previously held Henkel products.

“Henkel and National Container Group (NCG) have joined forces to provide Henkel customers with a quick, simple way to return empty, serviceable plastic totes after use,” explained Isabelle Valois, Channel Marketing & Development Manager of Henkel Corporation. “In this sustainable packaging recovery program, NCG picks up totes from our customers, washes them and reintroduces them into the supply chain.”
Stephanie Learman, Purchasing Director at Henkel who spearheaded the program, added, “By cleaning and reusing the plastic 275-gallon totes instead of discarding them, the Tote Return Program eliminates the production of 2.3 million pounds of virgin resin a year. Because the steel cages that hold the totes are also reused, production of 4.5 million pounds of new steel is eliminated as well.”

The brochure explains how the Henkel Tote Recovery Program works and everything customers need to know in order to participate. To download a copy, go to www.naturallyhenkel.com.

In addition, Henkel provides extensive information on sustainability and corporate social responsibility at www.henkelna.com/sustainability.

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