2013 TLMI Label Awards: This Year’s Winners Are…

Peace & Harmony, complements of McDowell Label & Screen Printing.
Beautiful work was on display at TLMI's 2013 Label Awards contest, with McDowell Label & Screen Printing standing out from the crowd.

TLMI again shows how special it is—this year in a big way. No where else in the world does peace and harmony rule (somewhere, maybe, but you’d have to look pretty hard). But at the annual TLMI Label Awards contest, Peace & Harmony ruled as Best of Show, thanks to superior workmanship by the folks at McDowell Label & Screen Printing.

Taking first-place honors in the Roll to Roll – Color Process – Prime category, this colorful piece incorporates the use of foil, along with tactile doming effects. Smooth screen tones and heavy color laydown were applied in the same process, printed to ensure a no-overlap look.

The 2013 TLMI Label Awards contest handed out 47 first-place awards, including 34 for North America and 13 International. In addition, 21 second-place award winners were selected. McDowell Label & Screen Printing stood out overall, with 12 first-place category winners and four second-place awards. In the International side of the contest, Multi-Color Corp. Poland took home five first-place awards.

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