Expert Panel Addresses Food Safety Directives

UPPER SADDLE RIVER, NJ—January 28, 2013—Last week, The Food Institute and OFW Law delivered a powerful and informative webinar which examined the latest FDA initiatives with regard to Preventative Controls and Hazard Analysis as dictated by the Food Safety Modernization Act. A 90-minute webinar presentation discussed recent developments and evaluated the key components which will dramatically change how food businesses operate, regardless of where a business falls within the food chain.

Highlights of the event included detailed analysis of the changes to registration and recordkeeping regulations, amendments to CGMP regulations and a thorough breakdown of all Preventive Control aspects. Guest speakers from OFW Law discussed areas which are not in the proposed rule, but indicators reveal that the subject matter will make its way to final rules. Knowing what to expect and helping you prepare for these imminent changes is the cornerstone for Food Institute webinars and seminars. Last week’s event was recorded and is now available for purchase. A handout of all slides used throughout the webinar accompanies the recording.

Plans are now underway for our next FSMA event, slated to air in late February 2013. If you would an event summary, please contact and one will be sent to you as soon as it is finalized.

Source: FSMA.

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