Tips for Preparing Entries

1. ENTRY TITLE: Fill the title out as you would want it to appear on an engraved plaque should it be judged a winner.

2. CATEGORY: Ensure your entry is placed in the appropriate category. If submitting an entry in more than one category, separate entry forms must accompany each sample category in which it is entered.

3. TECHNICAL ACHIEVEMENT: If the entry is submitted in this category, ensure that a DETAILED explanation telling why it deserves this award accompanies the entry form. Include technical details of the challenges encountered and how they were overcome.
4. SUSTAINABILITY CATEGORY: If the entry is submitted in this category, ensure that an explanation is included telling us what sustainable materials you used and how.

5. PRODUCTION INFORMATION: Information contained in this section can make or break an entry. This information is used extensively as a tie-breaker and in determining the Best of Show winner.

6. ENTRY SUBMITTED BY: PLEASE PRINT or TYPE. If the contest editor cannot tell from what company the entry came, it could be disqualified before the judges have a chance to see it.

c/o Contest Editor
1500 Spring Garden Street, 12th Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19130

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