EskoArtwork stages Worldwide Customer Conference

Gent (Belgium)—EskoArtwork announced its first worldwide customer conference, scheduled for May 17th through 20th, 2009, in Orlando, Florida. The EskoArtwork Users Group International (EUGI) will continue its 17-year tradition of providing a learning and information-sharing event.

Following a series of successful user group meetings in the U.S., the company is turning this event into a worldwide customer conference. The conference will focus on implementing new technologies and sharing best practices, as well as providing a platform for interaction between users and EskoArtwork application and product specialists, executives and partners. Its main goal is to attract attendees from the complete spectrum of many thousands of EskoArtwork and Enfocus users worldwide—from graphics and structural oriented packaging and graphic arts companies such as converters, commercial printers, publishers, sign and display firms, to packaging designers and brand owners. The program is aimed at giving both hands-on demonstrations to users and decision-makers as well as concentrating on the specific customer-supplier relationship. EskoArtwork’s daughter company Enfocus, as well as EskoArtwork’s partners will be participating in the conference.

“This conference is particularly important to EskoArtwork,” said Carsten Knudsen, CEO of EskoArtwork. “First and foremost, it provides a unique platform for us to share product developments and future plans with our users and to listen carefully to their feedback. We want to hear what they are thinking-good or bad, and with reference to both our technology and our service and support. Face-to-face contact is always an effective format of meeting this objective. It is also gratifying to see the amount of networking and sharing of best practices that takes place during the conference, allowing users to return home with actionable ideas that can add even more value to their EskoArtwork solutions and their operations as a whole.”

Conference attendees have the opportunity to interact with each other and with EskoArtwork and partner experts in both formal and informal settings. EskoArtwork works closely with EUGI leadership to organize the event and prepare relevant content. Although it is held in the U.S., the conference attracts a global audience. The Orlando location offers affordable travel options as well as a large number of direct flights, which is expected to boost global attendance in 2009. The 2009 conference will also include a partner exhibition area designed to provide attendees with ready access to valuable information from EskoArtwork technical and service partners.

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