Pacificolor Adds Kodak Platemaker, Workflow Software

ROCHESTER, NY—March 18—Pacificolor, a Salt Lake City-based, privately owned trade shop, is expanding its capabilities with the addition of a Kodak Flexcel NX Wide System to better serve a growing customer base. This is the second significant flexographic upgrade since the purchase of its first Flexcel NX System just four years ago. This latest addition reflects the long-term commitment Pacificolor has to Kodak technology and builds on the strong growth the company sees in the flexible packaging market.

In 2008, Pacificolor began as a traditional lithographic trade shop that decided to expand its offerings by entering the package printing market. The company evaluated and tested all the options before selecting the Flexcel NX System to be the cornerstone of its flexo packaging business. During the last four years, the company has substantially grown and continually upgraded its systems. Starting with a Flexcel NX Narrow System, Pacificolor has since upgraded and added a new Flexcel NX Wide System with the complete DeGraf 500 Series Plate Exposure and Processing System, which more than triples its prior flexo platemaking capacity.

“During the past four years our Kodak solutions have continually delivered consistent, repeatable, high-quality plates to our packaging customers. As a result, our company has grown significantly year over year,” said Tim Hirsch, president of Pacificolor. “Now, we’re able to provide our customers with greater flexibility and truly impressive turnarounds; we recently created seven mid plates in 135 minutes, from start to packed and in the truck to FedEx. Four years ago, that would have taken us 300 minutes.”

Hirsch also discussed the benefits of the addition of Kodak Insite Solutions capabilities and Kodak Prunergy Workflow. “Many of the printers and brand owners who are our customers are appreciative of the service and support capabilities enabled with Insite Solutions. The new features help to speed design and production with process tracking and online review, collaboration, and approval of jobs. The net result is faster turnaround and processing of work, with more jobs coming through the shop and greater customer satisfaction.

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