How Dr. Reddy’s Formula Cut Down on Product Commercialization

Dr. Reddy's cuts product commercialization time in half with Persistent Systems' PaxPharma workflow automation solution.

Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories, Inc. (DRL) is a global pharmaceutical company committed to providing affordable and innovative medicines for healthier lives. Kimberly Mills, associate director, packaging development and design, works for Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories’ North American Generics OTC Division located in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

The OTC division launched five years ago and has seen tremendous growth in that short period of time. Because of its rapid growth they have also experienced some growing pains, which is natural for a company at its stage of growth. Manual, paper-based processes needed to be transitioned to electronic systems to support future growth and business. Mills was tasked with the responsibility of finding the best workflow automation solution to meet DRL’s current and future requirements.

“It was absolutely critical that we convert our workflows and processes to an electronic system to support our skyrocketing business growth,” said Mills. “We have multiple business partners in various locations, multiple plants, and remote employees, so traditional paper-based operations have definitely become outdated, challenging and time consuming. We needed a software solution that could manage all of this, with optimized workflows, automated artwork proofing, electronic project management, document lifecycle management, bills of material management, and more, and we needed it ASAP. In addition the new system, when implemented, will be fully validated and will comply with 21CFR Part 11.”

Dr. Reddy’s did an extensive search to find the right solution and after conducting product reviews, narrowed its selection to three different systems (a product lifecycle management product, a graphic management product, and Persistent Systems’ PaxPharma, a compliance-based, design-to-print (D2P)/business process automation platform.

“The decision making process was collective. We made a concerted effort to show the systems to our users multiple times to ensure they understood each system’s capabilities and were able to relate their processes to those capabilities. We got tons of good feedback from the team that also helped us sell the concept of automation within DRL,” said Mills. “We formed a core team for the evaluation process with key representation from each department. We also involved our business partners—contract manufacturers, component suppliers, and display houses right from the beginning. We showed them what we were looking at and asked for their input. In the end, we selected PaxPharma over the other solutions because of Persistent Systems’ extensive experience in enterprise artwork and BPA. PaxPharma also had the highest ROI compared to the other products.”

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