WS Packaging Unveils Label Application Equipment

GREEN BAY, WI—July 25, 2013—WS Packaging Group has introduced a new portfolio of standard and custom label application machines.

The product lineup includes the Lightning 50 and Lighting 100 label applicators, Primara 750 print-and-apply label applicators, Spectra custom application systems and HERMA label applicators.

“Our new application equipment portfolio is engineered to streamline and enhance any labeling process,” said Bob White, general manager, WSAutomation. “The demands of the production environment dictate the right equipment solution for maximizing productivity, which in turn factors into the overall success of the brand.”

The Lightning 50 is a versatile labeler engineered for a broad range of product applications. The unit offers the flexibility of rotary and straight roll-on, tamp, tamp/blow, front/back, wrap, and end-of-line applications. The unit easily changes from left- to right-hand label application; measures 61 inches high, 46 inches in length and 39 inches wide; features a standard web width of six inches, with nine-inch available; and dispenses up to 1,200 inches of web per minute as standard speed.

The Lightning 100 is a flexible labeler with high productivity for products of varying sizes. Engineered for a broad range of label applications, including front/back, wrap and end-of-line, the machine is compact and can be fully integrated into multiple product handling and finishing machines. Robust in its capabilities, the highly portable Lightning 100 features high-speed, high-torque direct-drive stepper motors that assure complete line speed integration for products of varying sizes and weights; measures 42 inches high, 46 inches in length, and 39 inches wide; features a standard web width of four inches, with eight-inch available; and dispenses up to 1,200 inches of web per minute as standard speed.

The Primara 750 print-and-apply can be set up for all-electric or pneumatic operation. The unit offers simplicity, dependability, and overall flexibility for labeling any-size of product, case, or pallet. Engineered to be flexible and easy to upgrade, the Primara system offers straight or rotary tamp application options for top, side, bottom, and corner placement. The unit measures 96 inches high, 38 inches in length and 46 inches wide; features a standard web width of four inches, .375-inch minimum web width; a half-inch minimum label length; and dispenses up to 12 inches of web per second, depending on the print engine.

The HERMA 400 label applicator is a compact, fully automatic labeler that features a modular configuration that easily integrates into any production line. Available in left- and right-hand versions for upright, horizontal or suspended operation, the HERMA 400 measures 48 inches high, 24 inches in length, and 36 inches wide; features a maximum web width of 12 inches, a half-inch minimum web width; and .375-inch minimum label length; and dispenses 1,500 to 7,000 inches of web per minute, depending on model.

The Spectra line of customized modular labeling systems offer front/back and wrap application engineered to meet highly specialized production requirements. Whether it is simultaneous label application, multiple container shape capabilities, or overall application effectiveness, Spectra systems are engineered for full integration into any production line from over-the-counter pharmaceuticals to food, beverage to household products.

In conjunction with its launch of the new product line, WS Packaging Group has renamed its equipment unit to WSAutomation.

“The WSAutomation name reflects a more succinct and broader strategic platform of what our capabilities as a label applicator OEM bring to the market,” said Mark Moorhead, corporate director, marketing. “We’re a true single-source provider for equipment engineering, manufacturing, installation and support for label application. WS Packaging is also among the leading printing and label converters in North America. These capabilities go hand-in-hand, and WSAutomation more closely reflects this connection.”

About WS Packaging Group
With more than 45 years of experience, WS Packaging Group is one of the largest printing and label converting operations in North America. It operates 22 manufacturing facilities and produces high-quality packaging products. Its customers range in size from small businesses to large, high-volume manufacturers and consumer product goods companies doing business locally, nationally, and in marketplaces worldwide. WS Packaging Group is majority owned by J.W. Childs Associates (JWC), a private equity firm based in Boston, investing in middle-market growth companies. Since 1995, JWC has invested in over 40 companies, with a transaction value of more than $12 billion.

Source: WS Packaging.

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