You Heard it Here First: Velcro Laundry Detergent

Unlike zipper seals, which must be lined up, Velcro closes with ease.

CAMARILLO, CA—April 08, 2014—MaddieBrit Products, the creator of Grab Green, the next generation of home cleaning products, proudly announces the launch of the first-ever Velcro resealable packaging for laundry detergent pouches. Whereas zipper type packaging must be lined up to seal properly, Velcro closes with ease, creating a faster and more enjoyable customer experience. With this innovation, Grab Green once again breaks new ground in the home cleaning market.

As part of its repackaging plan launched in 2013 and continuing on through 2014, Grab Green has made a conscious effort to improve not just the look and feel of its products, but the usability and convenience of its packaging.

“We are always looking for ways to be innovative not merely in our product formulas, but in our packaging, so the customer experience is enjoyable and top notch at every turn,” says Patricia Spencer, MaddieBrit co-founder and president.

Grab Green, no stranger to industry firsts, is rapidly becoming the leading innovator in home cleaning products. They were first in the market to deliver a pod-based laundry detergent, a revolutionary breakthrough that ushered in a new era in the industry and for the consumer. Shortly thereafter, the brand launched the first ever solvent-free power degreaser and non-toxic garbage disposal freshener, raising the bar yet again throughout the home cleaning marketplace.

Source: MaddieBrit Products.

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  • Haiko Seeling

    Ok – so it’s time to burst everyones bubble here. Velcro – meaning more waste for the packaging. It’s bad enough that all of these products are sold in plastic – which is horrible for our environment – but now they’re trying to make these Earth destroying bags "user-friendly"? The rest of the world, and most grocery stores, are leaving plastic bags behind, yet this company is touting them, and pushing them onto consumers. 5280 All Natural Cleaning Products – – unless you’re buying in bulk – this company sells their product on store shelves in glass mason jars – which are reusable and much more Earth friendly! They also donate and give back to the community regularly (including St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital) – they’re made in Colorado – and they truly care about their customer, not their bottom dollar.