Cory Francer

Cory Francer

Cory Francer is the editor-in-chief of packagePRINTING.

Sound Bite: The Hybrid Printing Advantage

Over the past few years, hybrid solutions that combine digital and conventional printing have emerged as viable platforms to leverage the best attributes of each technology. Check out these audio clips from the Digital Packaging Summit of leading suppliers discussing the advantages that hybrid printing can provide.

Constantia Flexibles to Take Packaging Into the Digital Realm

As society continues to move in a digital direction, printed packaging has maintained its viability in the physical world. But, with the recent announcement that Constantia Flexibles is launching an interactive packaging platform called Constantia Interactive, packaging is taking a major step toward bridging the physical and digital gap.

The Sustainable Packaging Picture

As consumers and brands continue to prioritize sustainability in packaging, it’s important for printers and converters to understand their essential role in the environmental equation.

Sound Bite: Corrugated Arrives on The Digital Scene

The recent Digital Packaging Summit featured the latest information on digital printing in the corrugated segment through firsthand user experiences and a "Deep Dive" session from an industry expert. Check out these audio clips for the latest insight into digital printing for corrugated.

Bridging the Physical and Digital Worlds with Packaging

On the second day of the Digital Packaging Summit, Rafi Albo, owner of SEGMARKETING, demonstrated how his company is bringing physical packaging into the digital world and the role that digital printing plays in that equation.

Landa Details the Latest on Beta Site Roll Out

A year after Landa showcased its latest developments in Nanography at drupa 2016, the company has now launched its first beta site in Israel, with more presses to be delivered to sites in the United States and Europe. Following the beta launches, more are expected to follow in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Setting the Stage for Digital Packaging’s Future

The third annual Digital Packaging Summit kicked off on Monday night with a keynote presentation that addressed the impact digital will have across the four varying packaging segments. Jennifer Dochstader and David Walsh of LPC, Inc., and the co-chairs of the event, led the presentation.

A Litte Care Goes a Long Way in Flexo Plate Maintenance

Flexo plates have a tough job, whirring around on a print cylinder, covered in ink and repeatedly transferring an image to a substrate. But to make sure these plates can withstand the high-impact nature of printing, they require delicate care and maintenance.

Curtis Packaging's Innovative Approach to Sustainability

Curtis Packaging, a folding carton converter in Sandy Hook, Conn., has always been at the forefront of sustainability in packaging, and has now made it part of its mission to help other companies boost their environmental initiatives while saving money. 

Hybrid Printing Innovation at Zumbiel Digital

Zumbiel Digital has installed the first Kodak PROSPER 6000S inkjet web press for packaging. What makes Zumbiel’s digital press unique is its combination of full width digital printheads, seven flexographic print stations and in-line diecutting, along with run speeds in excess of 200 m/min.

Helping Brands Look Their Best

Hub Folding Box continues to innovate and invest in new technologies that allow brands to differentiate their package at retail. Tony DiRico, president and CEO, explains why packaging is the key communicator to consumers.

How Tap Packaging Solutions Became Digital Carton Innovators

Tap Packaging Solutions was one of the first adopters of the HP Indigo 30000 digital press, designed specifically for folding carton production. Since the press was installed, the Tap Packaging team has become experts in producing folding cartons that can only be printed digitally.