Cory Francer

Cory Francer

Cory Francer is the editor-in-chief of packagePRINTING.

TLMI printTHINK Summit Combines Business and Technical Content

The inaugural TLMI printTHINK Summit was held from Sept. 5-7 in Chicago, providing education sessions covering both technical and business management issues impacting the label industry. The Summit is the evolution of the TLMI Technical Conference, and is held every other year.

packagePRINTING's Top 5 Stories from August

In August, packagePRINTING's online readers indicated they were most interested in stories on NFL-themed packaging, NFC enabled wine bottles, zero-waste grocery stores, the latest trends in folding cartons and the state of the label industry.

The Excellence Awards Results Are In

It’s not easy for a panel of five judges to sift through nearly 200 packaging samples and determine the best ones. Here’s what our judges had to say about the 31st annual packagePRINTING Excellence Awards.

ProAmpac's Flexible Pouch is Naturally The Best

With brilliant reds, deep purples and vivid blues printed on a notoriously challenging substrate, ProAmpac amazed the judges in the 31st annual packagePRINTING Excellence Awards. Its pouch printed for Sunrise Growers earned Best of Show in the competition.

Behind the Launch of Mouvent's 'Next Generation of Inkjet' Technology

Mouvent, a new digital printing company and member of the BOBST Group, unveiled its Cluster technology and multiple label presses earlier this summer. Co-founder Piero Pierantozzi spoke with packagePRINTING about the company's background and technology developments.

Tostitos Launches 'Lucky' Packaging in Time for Football Season

NFL fans are known to be a superstitious bunch and Tostitos has launched a new packaging campaign in hopes of bringing a little "luck" to teams this fall. The Lucky Bags feature team-branded packaging and multimedia content highlighting various team traditions.

What Led to the Largest-Ever NFC Deployment in Wine and Spirits?

Launching the largest ever deployment of near field communication (NFC) tags in the wine and spirits industry is a big step forward for smart packaging. We spoke with representatives from NFC tag manufacturer Thinfilm, and Barbadillo, one of Spain's leading wine producers, about this latest initiative.

State-of-the-Art Flexo Levels the Printing Playing Field

Flexography has come a long way since its inception in terms of speed, print quality, automation and more, and companies installing the latest iterations of flexographic presses have been reaping the benefits. packagePRINTING got the lowdown from a narrow-web label converter and a wide-web flexible packaging converter who have recently invested in flexo.

InterTech Awards Offer Glimpse of Industry's Future

The InterTech Technology Awards, presented annually by the Printing Industries of America, honor the latest printing technologies that are poised to have a lasting impact on the industry moving forward. This year's winners provided a look at the key technologies impacting packaging's future.

Are Stores Like Aldi Goldmines For Package Printers?

Private label grocery stores like Aldi and Trader Joe's are on the rise in the United States. Now, with the U.S. arrival of Lidl, package printers would be wise to check out the opportunities in partnering with these retailers.

Revere Flexpak's New Wave of Narrow Web

With decreasing run lengths and increased versioning impacting its production, Revere Flexpak turned to Digital Flexo technology to stay ahead of evolving packaging trends.

Best Practices: The Importance of Ink Systems

It’s easy to take for granted that in any type of printing, ink will meet the substrate as it passes through the press and a printed product will come out on the other side. But, what often gets overlooked is the path the ink takes on its journey to and through the press and eventually, onto its intended surface. Ink systems, whether pumps, dispensers, tanks or formulations, are crucial elements that play a major role in print quality, efficiency, color accuracy and plant and product safety.