Cory Francer

Cory Francer

Cory Francer is the editor-in-chief of packagePRINTING.

FTA Forum Takes on What’s Trending

The Flexographic Technical Association’s Annual Forum addressed the most pressing issues facing converters and honored those who stand out in the industry.

Unboxing Opportunity

After many years as a commercial printer, Produlith’s offset and digital printing expertise has led to a successful transition to packaging.

Best Practices: Embossing is More Than a Visual Enhancement

Embossing elements on labels and packages can — literally and figuratively — add a new dimension to a substrate. A raised surface, especially when combined with foil or varnish, does provide visual enhancements, but can also enhance the chances a consumer will touch the package, greatly increasing the likelihood of a purchase.

Wine Label Market Research: The Eyes Have It

Because many wine novices largely base their purchasing decisions on the appearance of a wine label, it's essential to make a label as eye-catching as possible. Through the use of eye-tracking technology, brands and converters can gain a better understanding of the types of labels that consumers find most appealing, which could lead to a purchase.

Sound Bite: FTA Forum Tackles the 'Press Crew Crisis'

Is the package printing industry experiencing a "Press Crew Crisis?" At the Flexographic Technical Association's annual Forum, four industry experts discussed the importance of attracting a younger generation of press operators to the industry.

FTA Annual Forum Highlights Evolving Flexo Industry

Flexographic Technical Association’s annual Forum started Sunday, April 30, highlighting a changing flexo industry. Over the first two days of the event, it’s evident that the flexo community is rising to the occasion.

Converting and Industrial Printing Collide at ICE USA in Orlando

Having now completed four editions in the United States, ICE USA has established itself as a premier industry event for the converting industry. But with the addition of InPrint USA and the Future of Converting Theater, the 2017 version of the show offered new educational opportunities.

How Innovative Color-Changing Ink Reveals Hidden Messages

Color-changing ink in packaging applications has been around for years, but Crown and CTI have collaborated on a new technology that features hidden messages. Matt Twiss of Crown shared some insights on Reveal Ink with packagePRINTING.

UV LED Ink: What Converters Need to Know

When UV LED curing first hit the market, it was clear that the technology would bring several advantages to the package printing industry. However, one of the biggest concerns surrounding the technology was the availability of compatible inks.

How Converters Can Achieve Automation and Color Control

Delivering consistent results is essential in the package printing business. To capitalize on these customer demands, converters should be prioritizing their automation and color control. packagePRINTING recently hosted a webinar to discuss these important aspects of printing.

PPC Spring Meeting Highlights Paperboard Advantages

There are several reasons why now is a great time to be a printer of folding cartons and paperboard packaging. The Paperboard Packaging Council's (PPC) Spring Meeting highlighted paperboard's sustainability advantages, visual quality, protection capabilities and much more.