Cory Francer

Cory Francer

Cory Francer is the senior content editor of packagePRINTING.

Best Practices: Adding Finishing to the Digital Equation

The benefits of digital printing are becoming well-established in the industry. But, without the proper finishing processes in place for digitally produced output, converters may find that those digital advantages are being sacrificed.

Back From the Brink

Seven years ago, a retired teacher took over a label printing business in decline. Through a transparent management approach and an investment in digital technology, Argent Tape & Label is poised for a successful future.

Digital Packaging: The Time is Now

The second annual Digital Packaging Summit once again brought together leading converters and suppliers in an intimate environment to discuss digital technology in packaging. At the end of the Summit, it was determined that now is the time to explore the technology's benefits.

A Corrugated Showcase

SuperCorrExpo 2016 offered many highlights for the corrugated industry. In addition to a new venue in Orlando, Fla., attendees learned about the latest in digital printing technology and much more.

Why WestRock's Connected Packaging Solutions Are a Big Deal

As brands are continually striving to increase their interaction with consumers, smart packaging seems poised to be a vehicle for making that happen. WestRock's Connected Packaging Solutions may be the catalyst in taking this technology from a niche to the mainstream.

Soda Tax Hits Philly: Will Consumption Decline?

A "soda tax" has officially taken effect in Philadelphia, which became the first major U.S. city to pass a tax on sweetened beverages. A similar tax on the West Coast has led to a sharp decline in soda consumption. If Philly follows suit, will there be an impact on packaging?

Our Top 5 Stories of 2016

For those in the printing and packaging industries, it's hard not to look back at 2016 with positivity. We had an amazing drupa, groundbreaking innovation in printing technologies, and packaging has become the industry's hottest growth area. For a look back at the year that was, we made a list of five of our top stories as determined by you, the reader.

When Packaging Goes Viral

A routine visit to the health and beauty aisle of a store resulted in a humorous viral video for a 22-year-old man from Virginia, when he noticed the similar packaging used in products aimed toward men. The video points out how men's products tend to be packaged in similar dark colors, and has received more than 50,000 retweets.

Printing and Consumer Electronics Collide at CES

For those outside the industry, printing and packaging may not immediately come to mind as the most high-tech field. But, attendees of CES, the upcoming consumer electronics mega-event in Las Vegas will get a first hand glimpse of the power of printed electronics and smart packaging.

This Wine Label Doubles as a Book to Accompany a Glass or Two

A glass of wine and a good book is an unquestioningly winning combination. But can a wine label transform into a book right on the bottle? Reverse Innovation has designed a series of wine labels for Librottiglia that do exactly that.

[VIDEO] Tap Packaging Helps Jack Daniel's Iconic Brand Stand Out on This Gift Set

packagePRINTING Senior Content Editor Cory Francer talks with Jaime Wilhelm, design and engineering manager at Tap Packaging Solutions in Cleveland, about the design and production of its award-winning Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey Gift Set. Tap Packaging Solutions won first place in the corrugated (post/direct print): offset category in the 2016 packagePRINTING Excellence Awards.

Olive Oil Brands Turn to NFC to Authenticate Products

Not all olive oil is created equal, and as those well-versed in extra virgin olive oil know, there’s no substitute for the real deal. Thin Film Electronics has announced it is working with four Italian olive oil brands and the mobile app iOlive to incorporate NFC technology into the olive oil packaging.

NFC Is Growing at the Cash Register, Will It do the Same on Shelf?

According to a report from Research and Markets, the near-field communication market is expected to grow to more than $47 billion by 2024. While much of the growth is due the rise of mobile payment applications, interactive packaging can provide opportunities for NFC as well.