Business Management

How Much Automation is Right for You?
March 1, 2015

Automation has transformed the assembly of automobiles, consumer electronics and production of many packaged goods. It saves time, reduces labor costs and improves efficiency. Many of the same benefits can be enjoyed in label and package printing, where manual and automated processes are often blended to deliver measurable benefits. But automation comes in many forms, and one size definitely doesn’t fit all.

From Concept to Creation
March 1, 2015

The road from a packaging concept to a finished product can be a long one, with numerous twists and turns. Before a package can be completed, it goes through an extensive design process prior to being run on a press. And ensuring the desired package is what ends up coming off the press can entail extensive collaboration between designers, production staff and press operators.

Best Practices: Press Cleaning
February 1, 2015

Every printer and converter knows that the best printing is tightly bound to proper press maintenance. Yet, it’s all too easy for operators to take short cuts or not pay attention to details that can make the difference between average work and that which delights customers. For flexo presses, the foremost cleaning issues revolve around anilox rollers.

Commercial Printers Adding Packaging
August 1, 2013

Migrating from the commercial world to packaging is hardly a laughing matter; the investment in equipment, education, and training required to make the leap ain't no joke. And, if commercial printers believe their market is oversaturated with competitors, they will soon find that many packaging segments are tough nuts to crack, overflowing with suppliers.