Free Environmental Self-Assessment Available from Heidelberg
March 17, 2015

Using a new online self-assessment from Heidelberg, printers can better determine just how environmentally-friendly their practices and procedures are. This free tool can help users realize the benefits of running a greener printing operation.

Seaweed Chips Use Bio-Based Packaging from Innovia
February 17, 2015

NatureFlex packaging from Innovia Films guards against moisture vapor and provides a high oxygen value for Ocean's Halo seaweed chips. The material is made from sustainable wood pulp and is certified compostable.

Pizza Box Makers Pitch Eco-Friendly Packaging to TV-Show Investors
February 10, 2015

GreenBox principals Jennifer Wright-Laracy and Ned Kensing will go tooth to tooth with the show’s ferocious investors to convince them that eco-conscious alternatives to traditional food packaging not only have merit for the planet, but they have profit potential.

FTA Adds Sustainability Resources to Website
February 10, 2015

A comprehensive suite of sustainability resources has been added to the Flexographic Technical Association's website to help members and their facilities achieve their current and future sustainability goals.

Food Industry Lags in Sustainable Packaging
February 3, 2015

According to a report published Thursday by the environmental groups As You Sow and the Natural Resources Defense Council, most of the major players in the restaurant and beverage industry are not doing a whole lot to ameliorate this problem. There's a big onus on the makers of packaged foods and beverages to reduce plastic and paper waste and also make it easier for us to recycle and compost the materials we use.

Amcor Joins Recycling Investment Efforts in South Carolina
January 27, 2015

Amcor joins Coca Cola, Alcoa, and other industry partners that have combined to form the Recycling Partnership, a collaborative, industry-funded effort designed to boost residential recycling in the United States. The funding will support the Recycling Partnership’s inaugural project in Columbia, SC, where a complete modernization of the city’s residential curbside recycling program will be undertaken.

Challenges of Sustainable Packaging
January 27, 2015

The conversation to develop and further the concept of sustainable packaging may be at least a decade old, but it’s clear that it has not yet evolved to the point where a standard understanding exists.

The first piece of evidence shows up when we asked about your sustainable packaging goals. There is some supply-chain consensus. For example, everyone agrees that lowering costs is the No. 1 sustainable packaging goal, underscoring the importance of aligning sustainability initiatives with economic gains.

Running Lean, Mean and Green
June 1, 2012

Continuous improvement initiatives and advancements in technology are constantly in motion at DWS Printing Associates in Deer Park, N.Y. Arthur Staib Jr. and his brother Allen Staib are now looking beyond the arrival of their new Heidelberg offset press due in late 2012 and already have their next major capital investment in the planning stages for 2013.